Sheffield chemistry academic honoured with national science award

Steve ArmesA scientist from the University of Sheffield has been recognised with a prestigious national award.

Professor Steve Armes, who works in the Department of Chemistry at the University, conducts pioneering work in the field of microscopic polymer particles, which has been recognised by the Macro Group UK committee with the 2018 Macro Group UK Medal for Outstanding Achievement.

His research has potential applications for the development of new cosmetics, laundry products and car engine oils, as well as the long-term preservation of human stem cells.

Professor Armes collaborates with scientists based in the UK, Europe, China, the USA and Australia and also works closely with industrial scientists based at Lubrizol, Ashland, Scott Bader, AkzoNobel, BASF, GEO and Procter & Gamble.

On receiving the award, Professor Steve Armes said: “Over my academic career I have always worked closely with a wide range of industrial companies, in addition to conducting my own curiosity-driven research. Such academic-industrial partnerships always provide us with very interesting problems.

“I am fortunate to lead an excellent team of highly-motivated young scientists who develop highly-marketable expertise during their studies. I accept this award as a tribute to their hard work and ingenuity over many years.”

The Macro Group UK is a joint interest group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of Chemical Industry, which aims to encourage and enhance polymer chemistry in The UK.