Poster Prize for Feifan Lang (Brammer Group)

Feifan Lang receiving the CCG poster prizeFeifan Lang, a PhD student in Prof. Lee Brammer's group was awarded a Chemical Crystallography Group Poster Prize sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry at the recent British Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting in Warwick in April 2018. The BCA meeting is an annual conference on science relating to structure and the solid state and techniques including diffraction, SS-NMR, and computation, and covers disciplines across the sciences.

Feifan’s poster was entitled “Flexibility and solid-state transformation in silver(I) coordination polymers.”

Feifan completed an MPhil degree in the Brammer group in early 2017, working on solid-state transformations of coordination polymers, work which led to the poster. He returned to Sheffield from Suzhou, China in September 2017 to begin a PhD, sponsored by the China Scholarship Council. His current research is on porous molecular materials and metal-organic frameworks for gas separations and photocatalytic CO2 reduction.