Staff News End-of-Year 2015

 Julia WeinsteinThomas AndersonJenny Louth








Some extra cheer for some of our staff members at the end of the year.

Julia Weinstein was awarded a professorship in physical chemistry for her work on the ultrafast dynamics of electron and energy transfer in the condensed phase. Her research has focused on using transition-metal complexes for the conversion of light into energy and is highly collaborative in nature, whereby her collaborations range from the Laser Facility at Rutherford Appleton Labs in Harwell to theoreticians in the department.

Tom Anderson was promoted to University Teacher. He is the Level 2 Organic Teaching Lab Manager and is also responsible for the Departmental timetable.

Finally, one of our technicians, Jennifer Louth passed her PhD viva recently. Her PhD programme involved 8 years of part-time study, next to her work in micro-analysis, a tremendous achievement. 

Congratulations to all three!