Marco Conte awarded Royal Society research grant

A grant from the Royal Society has been awarded to Dr. Marco Conte for the development of supported metal nanoparticles for oxidation reactions.

The oxidation of an alcohol to an unsaturated molecule.The aim of this project is to develop novel supported metal nanoparticles for the selective oxidation of alcohols, for the generation of precursors that are of interest for the drug and food sectors. In particular, this project will study the acid and base properties of a variety of supports and how these affect the catalytic activity of the supported metal nanoparticle. This is to promote a rational catalyst design, focused to reverse the reactivity of some transition metals from reducing systems when in the bulk state, to oxidizing systems when in a nanoparticle state.

This project is in collaboration with SynCat@Beijing, the Synfuels China Laboratory for Fundamental Catalysis, for the investigations of these new materials using advanced electron microscopy tools, and the University of Newcastle for surface methods of analysis.