Academic Staff  
Professor John David Professor of Semiconductor Materials & Devices
Professor Jon Heffernan Director of National Epitaxy Facility
Professor Mark Hopkinson Professor of Semiconductor Materials
Professor Peter Houston Professor of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Professor Maria Merlyne De Souza Professor of Microelectronics
Professor Jo Shien Ng Professor of Semiconductor Devices
Departmental Director of Research & Innovation
Professor John Rodenburg Professor of Semiconductor Materials & Devices
Professor Chee Hing Tan Professor of Semiconductor Materials & Devices
Head of Department
Professor Tao Wang Professor of Semiconductor Materials & Devices
Dr Kristian Groom Senior Lecturer
Dr Andrew Maiden Lecturer
Dr Ian Ross Experimental Officer
Dr Luke Seed Senior Lecturer
Dr Thomas Walther Reader
Dr Kean Boon Lee Lecturer
Dr Chaoyuan Jin Vice-Chancellor's Fellow
Dr Robert Douglas Richards RAEng Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Ian Farrer Senior Lecturer in Semiconductor Epitaxy and Materials
Dr Jon Willmott EPSRC Research Fellow (Manufacturing the Future)
Dr Rick Smith Lecturer in GaN materials and devices

Research Associates  
Dr Rob Airey III-V Facility (Device Fab)
Dr Jie Bai  
Dr Yuefei Cai
Dr Ed Clarke
Dr Michail Exarchos
Dr Paul Fry  
Mr Matthew Hobbs KTP Associate
Dr Taeki Kim
Dr Andrey Krysa III-V Facility (MOVPE)
Saurabh Kumar Research Technician
Dr Bin Liu
Dr Zhenghai Lu
Dr J Rautianen
Dr I Sandall
Mr Christos Sbrilis
Dr Ben Stevens III-V Facility (MOVPE)
Dr Gavin Williams Maskless Non-Planar Photolithography
Zaffar Zaidi Research Technician
Dr Shiyong Zhang
Dr Ziyang Zhang  

Technical Staff  
Mr Stephen Atkin
Mr Richard Frith III-V Facility (MBE)
Mr Paul Haines  
Mr Jon Milner III-V Facility (Device Fab)
Mr David Morris III-V Facility (MOVPE)
Mr Alan Walker