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The Energy Institute at the University of Sheffield brings together pioneering researchers who are passionate about changing the world and transforming lives through innovative, interdisciplinary research.

The institute is home to more than 300 of the best minds in energy research from around the world, dedicated to using transformational research, innovation and collaboration to address the world’s biggest energy challenges.

Based at the University of Sheffield, we are one of the largest energy research teams in Europe, working across faculties and departments. Our researchers have a long history of conducting energy research with expertise across the entire energy spectrum, including energy storage, carbon capture utilisation and storage, nuclear, wind, solar power, biofuels, conventional power and energy sustainability, resource efficiency and circular economy. We work across all levels of energy research, from laboratory studies to commercially viable solutions.

The visionary team at the Energy Institute has built a reputation for world-class research, sought after by governments and industry.

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Sustainable solutions

Researchers in the institute develop solutions that are sustainable for the energy industry. The institute conducts ambitious research that will change the way we make and use energy for the benefit of everyone.

We support the energy industry to translate academic research into real-world solutions for some of the biggest challenges facing the sector and the world. We are the leading university to help de-risk investment in research, innovation and energy technology.


We work with governments to support decarbonisation, developing low-carbon solutions and stimulating behaviour change in how we produce and consume energy.

We advise governments and industries. We develop sustainable solutions. We stimulate behaviour change. We work with the brightest and best students to train the next generation of energy leaders.

We are the University of Sheffield Energy Institute.

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Get in touch to find out more: energyinstitute@sheffield.ac.uk

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We work with businesses to develop practical low carbon solutions for the energy industry.