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We support the energy industry to translate academic research into real-world solutions for some of the biggest challenges facing the sector and the world. Discover more about our research.
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Visitors from Japan at Energy Institute

Immobilising Japan’s plutonium

Our researchers have shared the latest strategies for plutonium immobilisation with visitors from the Japanese Citizens' Nuclear Information Center (CNIC).

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Carbon Capture Storage could beat blackouts

Comment from Professor Jon Gibbins, University of Sheffield Energy Institute and Director of UK CCS Research Centre, on the National Grid report published on 10 September by OFGEM.

Electric car

A clearer future for low carbon transport

Our researchers are playing a key role in the move to low carbon transport, removing barriers to vehicles like electric airplanes and hydrogen-fuelled cars.

Nuclear power cooling station

Strategies for nuclear waste

When it comes to nuclear waste, Professor Neil Hyatt, of our Energy Institute, says, it is surely time to bury the Micawber principle.

Translational Energy Research Centre: artist's impression

Supporting the move to cleaner energy

We're developing affordable and sustainable carbon capture technologies as part of a new £21 million energy research centre.

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Energy, a powerful resource

From the cars we drive to the industrial processes that provide us with those cars, everything needs energy. But our growing population and desire to consume means that, at current rates, we're going to run out of resources.

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Powering the future

Our vision is for an affordable and clean energy future that is safe, secure and sustainable.