The Energy Institute at the University of Sheffield is home to more than 300 of the best minds in energy research from around the world, dedicated to using transformational research, innovation and collaboration to address the world’s biggest energy challenges.

Management team

Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian

Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian

Professor of Energy Engineering

Energy, clean energy technology, renewable transport fuels.

Professor Pourkashanian

Professor Lenny Koh

Professor Lenny Koh

Professor in Operations Management

Energy, environment, sustainability, supply chains, low carbon, business development, industry, resource efficiency.

Professor Koh

Professor David Stone

Professor in Electrical Engineering

Smart batteries, electric, hybrid-electric vehicles, energy storage systems, national grid.

Professor David Stone


Dr Muhammad Akram

Theme Manager of Carbon Capture and Utilisation at the Translational Energy Research Centre, Dept of Mechanical Engineering

Carbon capture, BECCS; CO2 utilisation; Waste to energy; Fischer Tropsch synthesis; Power to liquid (PtL); Biomass to Liquid (BtL)

Dr Akram

Professor Kais Atallah

Engineering Flywheels and Motor Design

Professor Atallah

Dr Mustafa Ali

Research Associate in Management School

Life Cycle Analysis; embodied energy analysis; waste to energy conversion; renewable energy.

Dr Ali

Dr Erica Ballantyne

Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Sustainable Transport

Dr Ballantyne

Dr Andrew Brint

Lecturer in Operations Management

Energy market, infrastructure asset management, electricity distribution networks, operations and supply chain management.

Dr Brint

Professor David J Beerling FRS

Director, Leverhulme Centre for Climate Change Mitigation

Animal and plant sciences, photosynthetic terrestrial ecosystems, global environment, global ecology, climate and atmospheric composition

Professor Beerling

Professor Dan Brockington

Director of SIID

Conservation, development, natural resource governance, social impacts of protected areas, conservation and media, conservation NGOs, sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, celebrity and development

Professor Brockington

Dr Solomon Brown

Lecturer Chemical Engineering Energy System

Numerical and mathematic techniques to problems in process and systems engineering, lithium-ion batteries, bio-seperation processes, optimisation of conventional power plants in developing energy systems

Dr Brown

Dr Nick Taylor Buck

Research Fellow

Co-production projects, city-regions in north of England, natural sciences, sustainable design and assessment, urban design, urban ecology, urban bioeconomy, systems thinking, integrated infrastructure development, urban decision-making, role of biomimicry in the design process, urban innovation processes and demonstrators

Dr Buck

Dr Alastair Buckley

Senior Lecturer in Organic Electronics

Electrode interfaces, devices and manufacturing processes for polymer optoelectrics. the photophysics of molecular materials.

Dr Buckley

Dr Jose L. Casamayor

Technical Fellow in Design for the Circular Economy - AMRC

Methods and tools to support the design of products which require less/no energy (energy-efficiency) across the full product life cycle, low/zero environmental impact energy sources and energy-using products, LCA/LCC of energy-using products to inform eco/sustainable/circular design engineering.

Dr Casamayor

Dr Adrien Chauvet

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Ultrafast spectroscopy, charge dynamics in materials, molecules and molecular complexes, photo-physics, photo-chemistry, laser optics.

Dr Chauvet

Dr Sonal Choudhary

Lecturer in Sustainable Management

Sustainable management, sustainability in logistics and supply chain management, energy and sustainability, resilience in supply chains, international stakeholders in energy industry, environmental sustainability, climate change, ecology, environmental economics, sustainable production and consumption, behavioral change, environmental science, pollution and sustainability in the Arctic

Dr Choudhary

Professor Claire Corkhill

VC Fellow MSE Engineering Sustainable Nuclear Energy

Nuclear waste, the Engineered Barrier concept, disposal of nuclear waste, sociology of nuclear waste final disposal

Prof Corkhill

Professor Serena Cussen

Chair in Functional Nanomaterials, Dept of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Synthesis and scale-up of electrode materials for Li-, Na- and Mg-ion batteries and solid electrolytes for Li and Na batteries; operando characterisation of battery materials

Professor Cussen

Dr Jonathan Davidson

Lecturer EEE Engineering Energy Storage

Power electronics, piezoelectric transformer-based power supplies, thermal modelling and temperature estimation, pseudorandom binary sequences for system identification, electrochemical battery modelling

Dr Davidson

Dr Danielle Densley Tingley

Lecturer CIV Architectural Engineering

Sustainable building design, use of materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr Tingley 

Professor Nicola Dibben

Department of Music

Research and innovation in the arts and humanities. Facilitator and co-ordinator for collaboration with arts and humanities researchers

Professor Dibben

Dr Karen Finney

Senior Research Fellow - MECH

Conventional power; bioenergy and waste; carbon capture; emissions monitoring  

Dr Finney

Professor David Fletcher

Professor of Railway Engineering, MECH

Rail transport traction energy and energy storage modelling, materials and wiring configuration for network electrification, and decarbonisation of rail infrastructure materials.

Prof Fletcher

Professor Martin Foster

Professor EEE Engineering Energy Conversion

Resonant power supplies, piezoelectric transformers, power electronics packaging and thermal management, multilevel power converters, battery management technologies.

Professor Foster

Dr Amy Gandy

Senior Lecturer in Nuclear Materials Engineering

Development of materials for use in nuclear fusion, specifically plasma facing armour materials and materials for fuel production. Understanding the formation and evolution of radiation damage in materials for nuclear fusion and fission, and the resultant impact on material performance including storage of materials for fission following removal from the reactor. 

Dr Gandy

Professor Andrea Genovese

Professor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Sustainable freight transport, transition towards a circular economy, decision support methodologies for logistics and supply chain management, environmental and social sustainability in supply chains and production systems.

Professor Genovese

Professor Jon Gibbins

MECH Engineering Power Plant Engineering and Carbon Capture

Centre Director at UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre

Coal and biomass gasification and combustion, carbon capture and storage, electricity system balancing

Professor Gibbins

Professor Daniel Gladwin

Lecturer EEE Engineering Energy storage and control

Control-power systems, power electronics, embedded systems, energy storage and management, intelligent systems, telematics, optimisation and modelling, evolutionary computing

Professor Gladwin

Dr Prosanta Gope

Lecturer in Cybersecurity

Smart grid security - secure privacy-aware demand response management in smart grid, secure dynamic pricing-based billing system, secure communication for drone-based monitoring in smart grid, block-chain-based secure energy trade system, security for Offshore wind power system

Dr Gope

Professor Shuisheng He

Professor MECH Engineering Sustainable Nuclear Energy

Nuclear thermal hydraulics, carbon capture and storage, computational fluid dynamics, turbulence modelling, unsteady turbulent flow, buoyancy-influenced flow, biofluids

Professor He

Dr Kevin Hughes

Senior Lecturer MECH Engineering Fuel Cell, Chemical Kinetics

Fuel combustion, fuel degradation, deposit formation, pollutant chemistry, proton exchange membrane fuel cells, process modelling in carbon capture and storage systems

Dr Hughes

Professor Peter Jackson

Professor of Human Geography

Social and cultural geography, commodity culture, geography of consumption, consumption and identity, families, convenience and sustainability

Professor Jackson

Dr Hajime Kinoshita

Senior Lecturer, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Nuclear, CO2 capture

Dr Kinoshita

Professor Vitaly Kudryavtsev

Professor PHY Particle Physics

Dark matter research, neutrino physics and astrophysics, proton decay, cosmic rays

Professor Kudryavtsev

Professor Zi-Qiang Lang

Professor ACSE Engineering Energy System

Nonlinear system modelling, analysis and design in the frequency domain, health monitoring and fault detection of engineering systems and structures, smart structures and systems, wind turbine system condition monitoring and control, passive and semi-active vibration control and applications in marine, automobile, civil and earthquake engineering

Professor Lang

Dr Guang-Jin Li

Lecturer EEE Engineering Motor Design and Control

Novel permanent magent machines including single and hybrid excited switched flux permanent magnet machines, fault tolerance, fault modelling and diagnostics, thermal modelling of electrical machines, renewable energy and low emission transportation including wind power, electrical/hybrid vehicles, more electrical aircraft

Dr Li

Professor David Lidzey

Professor of Physics

solar energy, development and evaluation of solution processed photovoltaic devices, organic and hybrid photonic devices and structures, organic and hybrid semiconductor polaritons, spectroscopy of functional semiconductor materials, conjugated polymers and perovskites, structural probes of thin-film materials

Professor Lidzey

Prof. Mathieu Lucquiaud

Professor of Clean Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage, Dept of Mechanical Engineering 

Carbon Capture and Storage

Mechanical Engineering staff

Professor Lin Ma

Professor MECH Engineering Energy System Modelling

Future clean and sustainable energy technology with a focus on multi-scale energy process and computational modelling, carbon capture and storage, clean coal and biomass combustion for power generation, pollutants formation prediction, fuel related ash deposition, slagging and fouling in power plant furnaces, future power plant simulation, wind turbine aerodynamics, wind resources prediction

Professor Ma

Dr Robert Marchand

Lecturer in Resource Efficiency 

Fuel poverty, energy vulnerability, hard-to-reach consumers, resource efficiency, policy targeting, participatory policy design, energy access, business and supply chain management

Dr Marchand

Professor Nicolas Martin

Professor of Restorative Dentistry, School of Clinical Dentistry 

Sustainability in Dentistry and Healthcare: The environmental impact of dental restorative materials, single-use plastics and packaging in healthcare; remote clinical consultations (tele-dentistry) using super-fast broadband communication and embedding ‘sustainability’ in educational curricula.

Professor Martin

Dr Natalia Martsinovich

Lecturer, Department of Chemistry

Computational modelling of materials for applications in solar cells and photocatalysis

Dr Martsinovich

Professor Simon Marvin

Director of the Urban Institute

Climate change, sustainability, ecological security, smart cities, urban and regional restructuring, urban planning

Professor Marvin

Professor Martin Mayfield

Professor CIV Engineering

Engineering sustainable solutions, sustainable buildings, dynamic systems, engineering in society, Urban Flows Insitute

Professor Mayfield

Professor Bill Nimmo

Professor of Energy Engineering and Sustainability

Biomass combustion, biomass gasification, anaeroic digestion, waste to energy, corrosion studies, coal combustion and gasification

Professor Nimmo

Dr Alisyn Nedoma

Lecturer, Dept of Chemical and Biological Engineering 

Polymeric energy materials, organic solar cells, nanostructured electrodes, organic photocatalysts

Dr Nedoma

Dr Jonna Nyman

Postdoc Fellow Politics Social Science Sustainable Energy

Energy security, climate politics, politics of security, politics of energy security

Dr Nyman

Dr Mark Ogden

Lecturer CBE Engineering Sustainable Nuclear Energy

Spent nuclear fuel reprocessing, solvent extraction and ion exchange, novel separation processes, ionic liquids in seperation processes, supercritial fluids in seperation processes, actinide speciation

Dr Ogden

Professor Colin Osborne

Professor APS Science

Photosynthesis, plant growth, plant productivty, evolution and crop breeding

Professor Osborne

Dr Jack Pickering

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Food geographies and food supply chains, reducing plastic packaging and food waste through product innovation simulation

Dr Pickering

Dr Christophe Pinna

Senior Lecture MECH Engineering Dynamic Modelling

Mechanics of materials, experimental mechanics, computational solid mechanics, thermo-mechanical processing of metals, composites, fatigue, damage and fracture as well as machining

Dr Pinna

Professor John Provis

Professor of Cement Materials Science and Engineering

Eco-efficient and low-CO2 cements for infrastructure applications, including geopolymer cements

Professor Provis

Dr Davide Poggio 

Research Associate, Dept of Mechanical Engineering

 Anaerobic digestion of biowastes, biogas upgrade and use, hybrid microgrids, polygeneration, bioprocess modelling, energy access in the Global South

Dr Poggio

Professor Ian Reaney

Professor MSE Engineering Functional Materials

Functional materials and devices, glass research, biomaterials and tissue engineering, dielectrics and piezoelectrics

Professor Reaney

Professor Edward Rhodes

Professor GEO Social Science Sustainable Energy

Palaeoseismology, fault slip-rates studies, luminesence technical developments, low temperature thermochronology, grain tracing and transport rate, palaeoclimate, palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, fluvial and aeolian geomorphology, grain mixing, surface processes, natural carbon sequestration

Professor Rhodes

Professor Darren Robinson

Professor Architecture Social Science

Statistical modelling of peoples' presence, activities, comfort and behaviours, multi-agent stochastic simulation, solar radiation, urban energy simulation

Professor Robinson

Dr Charles Rougé

Lecturer in Water Resilience

Modelling and analysis of complex water resource systems, hydropower production, advantages and disadvantages of dams constructed to produce large quantities of renewable energy, energy consumption to transport and supply water to cities and irrigated farmlands

Dr Rougé

Professor Anthony J Ryan, OBE

Polymers, thermodynamics and kinetics, soft nanotechnology, molecular machines, fabrication of molecular valves and motors

Professor Ryan

Dr Abby Samson

Lecturer MECH Fuels and Combustion

Sustainable energy and fuels, biomass, waste to energy, materials recovery, catalysis.

Dr Samson

Prof Vania Sena

Professor of Entrepreneurship, Management School

Green Innovation and SMEs, Net Zero targets and productivity.  

Prof Sena

Jay Shaw

Nuclear AMRC Civil Nuclear Business

Nuclear advanced manufacturing techniques, nuclear business development, nuclear manufacturing innovation, nuclear modular reactors, small reactor markets

Jay Shaw

Emma Spooner

Knowledge Exchange Researcher, Department of Physics & Astronomy

Organic Solar Cells

Emma Spooner

Dr Victor Guang Shi

Technical Lead, AMRC

Resource efficient and circular supply chain simulation, digital enabled advanced services for circular economy

More about the AMRC

Dr Eleni Stathopoulou

Lecturer, Department of Economics

Environmental Economics (modelling the strategic interaction between policy makers, firms, and consumers); Positive Energy Districts; Decarbonisation; Value Propositions; Environmental Policy.


Dr Darrel Swift

Lecturer GEO Social Science Sustainable Nuclear Energy

Sediment transfer glaciers, influence of bedtopography on subglacial hydrology and flow dyanamics of mountain glaciers

Dr Swift

Professor Steve Thornton

Professor CIV Engineering Sustainable Nuclear Energy

Contaminent hydrogeology, soil and groundwater resources.

Professor Thornton

Dr Sergio Vernuccio

Lecturer, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Reaction engineering, process intensification, alternative energy sources, microkinetic modelling of complex reaction systems.  

Dr Vernuccio

Dr Brant Walkley

Lecturer Chemical and Biological Engineering 

Materials and processes for sustainable infrastructure, environmental remediation and clean energy.

Dr Walkley

Professor Meihong Wang

Professor CBE Engineering Energy System

Process modelling, simulation, control and optimisation, power plants, carbon carbon and transport (CCT), energy storage, bio-fuel production, refinery planning and scheduling, process condition monitoring and system identification.

Professor Wang

Dr Matt Watson

Senior Lecturer GEO Social Science Sustainable Energy

Redefining single use plastics, sustainability, resource demand, resource consumption.

Dr Watson

Dr Parag Wate

Lecturer in Architectural Science, School of Architecture

Data-driven building energy modelling and simulation, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of building energy and environmental performance, parametric programming and computation for building and urban energy simulation 

Dr Wate

Dr Thomas Webb

Reader in Psychology

Self-regulation, behaviour change, reducing single use plastics.

Dr Webb

Dr Hua-Liang Wei

Senior Lecturer ACSE Engineering Energy System

Complex nonlinear systems, bioscience signal processing and data modelling, forecasting and analysis of complex stochastic dynamical processes.

Dr Wei

Dr Aidan While

Senior Lecturer USP Social Science Sustainable Nuclear Energy

Governance of economic spaces, implications of climate change and climate policy for urban and regional governance.

Dr While

Dr Matthew Wood

Lecturer Politics Social Science Low Carbon Transport

Work on legitimacy in the European Union.

Dr Wood

Dr Ruoyang Yuan

Lecturer in Fuels and Combustion
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Sustainable fuels and low-emission combustion, low-carbon energy conversion and life-cycle assessment of bioenergy, advanced laser optical diagnostics, fluid dynamics, thermofluids and heat transfer, thermal management and energy optimisation modelling of HEVs, BEVs.

Dr Yuan

Dr Ziqi Zhang

Lecturer in Social Media
Information School

Data mining, data science, natural language engineering and social media analytics in relation to energy data, policy and beyond. 

Dr Zhang 

Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu

Professor EEE Engineering Wind Generators

Novel high torque/power density permanent magnet machines, high-speed machines, direct-drive permanent magnet machines, low-cost permanent magnet motors, intelligent control of permanent magnet machine drives, novel PWM strategies, power trains for electric vehicles, wind power generation, domestic appliances, more electric aircraft.

Professor Zhu

Professor Will Zimmerman

Professor CBE Engineering
Biochemical Dynamical Systems

Energy efficient generation of microbubbles and their applications (particularly biofuels and bioreactors), plasma microreactors (especially low power consumption generation of ozone), fluid dynamics of helical turbulence and mixing, thin film dynamics and microrheometry, computational modelling with inverse methods

Professor Zimmerman