Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. As populations grow and energy demand increases, we need to find new ways to deliver clean economic growth.

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Energy research is at the heart of tackling this challenge and the Energy Institute at the University of Sheffield has a clear, bold and urgent vision.

Energy is a wonderful, useful resource. Access to affordable, reliable energy has the power to boost economies and drive up living standards. But some of the ways we produce and consume energy are having a catastrophic impact on our environment. We must act now to find sustainable energy solutions that can meet demand without damaging our planet.

We want:

  • To develop an affordable and clean energy future that is safe, secure and sustainable.
  • To enable the UK to meet its target of becoming a zero-carbon society by 2050.
  • To have a positive impact on jobs in the UK’s energy sector.
  • To make the world a better place for everyone.

Our vision for secure and sustainable energy will be realised through transformative research, collaboration and innovation. Our interdisciplinary researchers in the Energy Institute are working with industry partners and governments to find solutions and translate pioneering research into tangible impact.

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Safe, secure, and sustainable

The Energy Institute welcomes partnerships which enable the development of an affordable and clean energy future that is safe, secure and sustainable. We collaborate with businesses ranging from small- and medium-sized enterprises to the world’s biggest energy companies and we want to increase our reach and impact over the coming years. These partnerships enable the development of commercially viable solutions that are sustainable for the energy industry.

We build relationships with governments and policymakers, advising on cutting-edge energy solutions and stimulating behaviour change in the production and use of energy for the benefit of everyone.

And, we are dedicated to training the next generation of leaders in the clean energy sector. This will have a positive impact on job creation and retention in the sector and enable the UK to meet its target to become a zero-carbon society by 2050.

Together we can find low-carbon solutions to the world’s biggest energy challenges.

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