Partner with us

At the Energy Institute, we understand the vital link between research and industry application.


We are proud to work in collaboration with businesses ranging from small- and medium-sized enterprises to the world’s biggest energy companies to further enhance our translational research and develop practical solutions for the energy industry.

By working together across disciplines we believe we can find novel solutions to the world’s biggest energy challenges.

There are many ways that you can work with us, including:

  • partnership agreements for long term projects that give you access to all of the University’s energy related capabilities
  • consultancy for when you have a specific, short term problem to be resolved
  • PhD or post-doctoral projects for when you’ve identified a longer-term opportunity, but don’t have the in-house resource
  • access to specialised testing facilities
  • design and prototyping that can shorten development times for energy technologies
  • support for the development of resource sustainable supply chain and overcoming challenges of resource availability


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Centres of excellence

The University's cross-faculty research centres harness our interdisciplinary expertise to solve the world's most pressing challenges.