Brexit and Legal Education


One of Tamara Hervey’s current projects is on the effects of Brexit on Law Schools and Legal Education. A member of the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Legal Education Committee, she collaborated in a series of SLS workshops held in summer 2017, and a SULNE project putting together teaching materials for EU lawyers during the time between the referendum and Exit Day.

She is co-author (with Jess Guth) of Threats to Internationalized Legal Education in the 21st century UK The Law Teacher published online 3 May 2018.

Workshop | Brexit and the Law School | 15 October 2018

With Lisa Webley, Tamara organised a half day workshop on Brexit and the Law School. The workshop was held at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London on 15 October 2018, with the support of the Association of Law Teachers, Routledge, Society of Legal Scholars and Sheffield Law School. The papers will be published in a commissioned special issue of The Law Teacher, co-edited by Tamara Hervey and Chloe Wallace. Publication is aimed to be for March 2019 (currently ‘Exit Day’ and the start of the ‘transition period’), and will be online first.

Confirmed participants:

  • Catherine Barnard (Cambridge) and Paul Craig (Oxford)
  • Michael Dougan (Liverpool) (with Charlotte O’Brien (York)): “Law Schools, 'impact' and Brexit”
  • Jeffrey Kenner (Nottingham): ‘What will happen to the EU law module?’
  • Jessica Guth (Leeds Beckett): ‘Who inhabits our law schools and how that changes culture and values’
  • Elaine Dewhurst (Manchester): ‘Is EU law the new Roman law?’
  • Maria Fletcher (Glasgow), Rebecca Zahn, Sylvie da Lomba (Strathclyde), Mark Flear (QUB): ‘Scottish and Northern Irish Legal Education after Brexit’
  • Marise Cremona and Angelos Dimopoulos: ‘Brexit effects on careers of EUI law graduates’
  • Sarah Progin-Theuerkauf (Freiburg), Francesco Maiani (Lausanne), Alla Pozdnakova (Oslo): ‘Teaching EU law from a small neighbouring jurisdiction’

Outline Programme:

12 noon - lunch and networking

12:30 - Welcome and introductions

12:45 Panel 1 (Four papers, 10 minutes each to present, 20 minutes discussant response, 30 minutes Q&A and discussion)

14:15 Tea

14:45 Panel 2 (Four papers, 10 minutes each to present, 20 minutes discussant response, 30 minutes Q&A and discussion)

16:15 Final comments

16:30 Finish

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