Our PhD research students

Find below our current PhD research students and their area of research.

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Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Alhusayni, Nourah NHAlhusayni1@sheffield.ac.uk Hate crimes in Saudi Arabia Professor Richard Percival
Anastasiou, Thekli TAnastasiou1@sheffield.ac.uk A critical analysis of the present stance the law of protection for environmentally displaced persons within international law. Dr BA Ni Ghrainne


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Banwell-Moore, Rebecca RMBanwell-moore1@sheffield.ac.uk Victim participation in restorative justice Professor Joanna M Shapland
Barrett, Victoria VBarrett1@sheffield.ac.uk Thatcherism' Assessing the relevance of the neo-conservative 'law and order' agenda of Thatcherism in UK society today. Professor Stephen Farrell 
Bekaj, Armend sop11ab@sheffield.ac.uk Criminal organisations and democratic governance in Kosovo Dr Mark Brown
Biggio, Giacomo Gbiggio@sheffield.ac.uk Cyberwarfare and the law of targeting Professor Nicholas Tsagourias
Binch, Lucy LMDBinch1@sheffield.ac.uk Prostitution Dr Maggie Wykes
Bishop, Louise LEBishopneeWilkinson1@sheffield.ac.uk
Employment law: What level of rights should be afforded to workers in the ‘gig economy’? Professor Andrew Johnston
Blindell, Luke LSBlindell1@sheffield.ac.uk The Effective Implementation of the 2011 UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Professor Andrew Johnston
Bradford, Lauren LBradford1@sheffield.ac.uk The Impact and Role of the media in cases of intra-familial homicide Professor Joanna M Shapland


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Conde, Carlos C.Conde@sheffield.ac.uk Access to Genetic Resources, IP Rights and Synthesis of Natural Genetic Resources Professor Tammy Hervey
Corbally, Alice ARCorbally1@sheffield.ac.uk Diversity or disorder? Promoting diversity through police partnerships Dr Layla Skinns
Cousins, Katherine KOCousins1@sheffield.ac.uk History of Tax Law: The success of the first income taxes 1799 - 1816 Professor R Burrell

Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
D'Souza, Nikki NDSouza2@sheffield.ac.uk Organised Crime Groups and the application of restorative approaches. Professor Joanna M Shapland
Davies, Fiona FDavies3@sheffield.ac.uk When Robots go Rogue: How does the Law of Command Responsibility interact with the technological developments of Autonomous Weapon Systems in Military Warfare? Dr Russell J Buchan
Demirhan, Eray Sinan ESDemirhan1@sheffield.ac.uk Rethinking legal limitations to Articles 8-11 of the European Convention on Human Rights through Dworkin’s eyes. Dr Damian Gonzalez-Salzberg


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Edwards, Katrina KEEdwards2@sheffield.ac.uk Experience of victim services following the change to local commissioning Professor Joanna M Shapland


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Fernando, Ruwani RFernando1@sheffield.ac.uk How does culture impact desistance from crime? A comparative study of desistence narratives in France & England Professor Steve Farrall 


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Grace, Jamie lwa03jg@sheffield.ac.uk Legal perspectives in evaluating the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme Dr Richard M Kirkham
Greally, Robert RMGreally1@sheffield.ac.uk The Institutional Implications Of Political Constitutionalism: Is There More To Political Constitutionalism Beyond The Judicial Review Debate? Professor Graham D Gee


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Johnston, Claire CCJohnston1@sheffield.ac.uk Girls’ Interactions with Criminal Justice Professionals: an intersectional analysis examining girls’ experiences and professional perspectives Dr Gillian H Sharpe


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Kastelic, Andraz AKastelic1@sheffield.ac.uk The international law of State responsibility for the internationally wrongful computer operations below the threshold of the use of force Dr Russell J Buchan
Kemeys, Josephine JKemeys1@sheffield.ac.uk The Constitutional Reform Act 2005: ten years on Professor Graham D Gee
Koturovic, Darja D.koturovic@sheffield.ac.uk Crime and Drug Trafficking in Serbia Koktsidis (External)
Kotzamani, Panagiota PKotzamani1@sheffield.ac.uk The individual criminal responsibility of corporate executives under international criminal law Professor Nicholas Tsagourias
Kurniawan, Ari AKurniawan@sheffield.ac.uk A Comparative Legal Analysis of Ex ante and Ex post Regulations of Recession Banks in the light of Insolvency Measures : Lesson from Financial Turbulence and Economic Study Dr Jay Cullen


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Matthewman, Molly MMatthewman1@sheffield.ac.uk Hukou Reform and Human Rights Dr Maggie Wykes
McMahon, Louisa LMcmahon1@sheffield.ac.uk An Exploration into Domestic Abuse Within Male Same-Sex Relationships in England and Wales Dr Maggie Wykes
Morrison, Alasdair lwp12amm@sheffield.ac.uk Utilising an international criminal law doctrine in the establishment of state responsibility Professor Nicholas  Tsagourias


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Pocock, Catherine CPocock1@sheffield.ac.uk Intellectual Property Law Professor Robert Burrell


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Radisavljevic, Dejana DRadisavljevic1@sheffield.ac.uk International Criminal Sentences - time for a rethink Dr David J Hayes
Rowe, Christopher c.rowe@sheffield.ac.uk The National Health Services of the United Kingdom: Accountability, Participation and Public Law Richard Kirkham


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Schollar, Charlotte C.J.Schollar@sheffield.ac.uk Women in refuges Dr Maggie Wykes
Shimwell, Morgan lwa08ms@sheffield.ac.uk A Legal and Sociological Study of the Limitations of Supply-Side Laws as the European Response to Global Trade in Falsified Medical Technologies Professor Tammy Hervey
Simonsen Carrascal, Isabel ISimonsenCarrascal1@sheffield.ac.uk The postcolonial queer: examining international human rights law protection for queer individuals in non-western societies Dr Damian Gonzalez-Salzberg
Sinclair, Olivia OSinclair1@sheffield.ac.uk Exploring the Role of Police Decision Making in Rape Cases in Contributing to the Attrition Problem Dr Maggie Wykes
Smith, Rivka RSmith3@sheffield.ac.uk To what extent is the police service able to utilize creative and innovative thinking from police constables to challenge the existence of social and cultural barriers to the adoption of flexible working by way of a fundamental rethink to the design of police work? Dr Layla Skinns
Song, Dan DSong4@sheffield.ac.uk   Dr Ding Chen
Stark, Abigail AStark1@sheffield.ac.uk Further than the Franchise: Prisoners’ Experiences of Active Citizenship in England & Wales, and Ireland Dr Cormac Behan


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Udofa, Kingsley KDUdofa1@sheffield.ac.uk Adapting European Regulatory Framework to innovative and technological advancements in electronic money Dr Jay Cullen


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Ververidou, Foteini FVerveridou1@sheffield.ac.uk The right to health for asylum seekers in the framework of national, international and EU law: the case of Greece Professor Tammy Hervey


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Walker, Charlotte CRWalker1@sheffield.ac.uk A Study Examining the Experiences of Unrepresented Defendants in the Criminal Courts Professor Joanna M Shapland
Wang, Yunheng YWang12@sheffield.ac.uk Corporate Governance in Family-owned business Dr Ding Chen
Wilson, James JTDWilson1@sheffield.ac.uk Judicial power and the legal challenges to austerity in the UK Professor Graham D Gee


Name Email Address Area of Research Lead Supervisor
Yau, Claire CYau1@sheffield.ac.uk Cyber Terrorsim in International Law Dr Russell J Buchan