Centre for Criminological Research holds International Conference to honour Professor Joanna Shapland

The University’s Centre for Criminological Research held an international conference in celebration of Edward Bramley Professor of Criminal Justice, Joanna Shapland.

Joanna is being given flowers by the the current (2023) CCR direct Layla at the end of the conference

In April, the Centre for Criminological Research held a successful international conference on 'Shifting logics in Criminal Justice' in honour of Professor Joanna Shapland for her many and varied contributions to criminology and criminal justice. The conference generated discussion about the development and orientation of criminal justice policy both in the UK and internationally, and how this may have changed over the course of the last 40 years. A range of speakers - including from France, the US and Belgium - were invited to present on some of the main strands of criminology and criminal justice scholarship that Joanna has contributed to over her 50-year career including desistance, restorative justice and policing.

This was an outstanding event, in terms of the quality of speakers/papers, discussion and in giving Joanna the tribute that she deserves for her leadership of and contribution to criminology and criminal justice in the School of Law, the UK and internationally.

Joanna is providing a keynote speech at the end of the CCR international conference. In front of a power point saying closing remarks

Professor Layla Skinns, Director of the Centre for Criminological Research, said "I would like to thank a number of colleagues for the support they provided, which enabled the conference to be such a huge success. This includes: Professors Graham Gee and Richard Kirkham for suggesting and resourcing the conference; Dr Lindsey Rice and Dr Mark Brown for their initial work in putting the conference together and inviting speakers; Dr Marie Hutton and Dr Ana Morales-Gomez for their hard work as assistant Directors of CCR in ensuring that the conference went smoothly; Shaun Adams and James Bonsall for their tireless hard work behind the scenes from start to finish; Professor Gwen Robinson and Dr Dave Thompson for their expert chairing of the conference panels; and, lastly, all of our fantastic presenters some of whom travelled long distances from overseas to be with us for the conference."

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