Congratulations to Kimberley Rust, who has been named as the Overall Winner of the Justis International Writing Competition Awards 2019!

Kimberley will receive a £2,000 grand prize for the article Block-chain reaction: 'Why development of blockchain is at the heart of the legal technology of tomorrow, in the category of The Future of Legal Technology.'

Kimberley describes her article as exploring: 

"the potential blockchain has for the future of legal technology. Whilst AI has been much-discussed, developed and adopted in legal practice and education, blockchain has the capacity to transform the dynamics of legal practice, not just make services more efficient. This unlocked potential is explored, before covering a series of hurdles blockchain development will have to surmount if it is to enjoy successful application in markets – problematic energy consumption, absence of regulation, and compatibility with new privacy legislation, to name but a few.”

The winning article will be featured in Justis’ upcoming Newsletter, and on their social media pages on the 1st March 2019.