Sheffield Vis Team Win 2018 Lazareff Le Bars Vis Pre-Moot

The University of Sheffield School of Law Vis Team participated in and won the 6th Lazareff Le Bars Vis Pre-Moot held in Paris on 9th February, 2018.

Photo of Vis Team

This moot arbitration competition is organised annually by Lazareff Le Bars, a French boutique law firm specialised in International arbitration. The event provides an excellent opportunity for students to practice their pleading before arbitral tribunals composed of professionals specialised in arbitration as preparation for the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot taking place in Vienna in March 2018.

This year, Lazareff Le Bars welcomed 134 participants comprising of students from 16 universities and 36 prominent practitioners (lawyers, in-house counsels, professors) who acted as arbitrators. The Sheffield students competing were Adain Bailey (LLB Law European and International), David Harvey (MA Law), Cherry Man (LLB Law), and Ashley Thompson (LLB Law with French Law). The team were mentored by Dr Tietie "Frank" Zhang, who also attended the event.

The Sheffield team performed exceptionally well, receiving the Best Team award for obtaining the highest combined scores among all the 16 competing teams.

Dr Zhang said: “Our team performed exceptionally well in this year’s Lazareff Le Bars Vis Pre-Moot. The four members pleaded their case in a highly professional manner. Their outstanding performance received commendations from multiple arbitrators in the competition. This early success gave the team a very strong start in their preparation for the Vis Moot next month. I’m sure the team will build on this achievement and continue to excel.”

Photo of Cherry and Adain