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Celestia Kalau-Tavormina
Current Student
MA Law
Celestia has travelled from Canada to study the MA Law. Find out more about her experiences.

An International Reputation

I chose The School of Law because of a combination of things, first and foremost Sheffield School of Law has a really good reputation and enough so that I’d know when I go back to Canada people would know the name and recognise it. 

With the MA Law you can complete your degree in two years instead of three, which was very appealing to me since I’d just finished studying my undergrad. I’ve also got my EU Passport, so if I study in the UK they speak English and I can also do some travelling.

Law students

One of my favourite things about studying here is just how friendly everyone is in the law school. I’ve just found everyone to be very supportive and friendly, the lecturers are very helpful and I made friends right away. It was just a very easy adaptation process for me.

Celestia Kalau-Tavormina

MA Law

Be a part of our community

What I enjoy most about my course is the good lecturers, and we’re all very small groups so we got to know each other very quickly. I love that it's a two year course so you get to understand thoroughly what you’re studying and think about it a bit more. 

Join our Societies

The University itself has loads of societies too which is always great now you have something to join and go to every week. I’m most active in the postgraduate law committee where I am the secretary. I also do some activities with the Bar Society such as Mooting.

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International scholarships

We offer a generous package of financial support for international students, including undergraduate and postgraduate taught scholarships towards the annual tuition fee. Applications are open for existing offer holders.