Georgina's MA Law experience at the University of Sheffield

A photograph of Georgina whilst on an alpaca trek!
Georgina Green
Sheffield MA Law Class of 2023
Georgina opted to apply for the MA Law at the University of Sheffield after completing her Undergraduate degree in History and Philosophy. Although the transition seemed at first like it could be intimidating, she has found her strengths and interests developed significantly through the study of Law.

When my parents dropped me off at the Endcliffe accommodation in 2017, I had no idea that I had found my home for the next five years. Like many undergraduates, I hadn't decided what I wanted to do once I finished my degree. I had decided that the University of Sheffield was the place for me.

When I chose the University of Sheffield, I knew I would be attending a Russell Group university with a global reputation for its teaching and research. And this is what I found, along with the support and care the University gives to its students. It's a University that cares about your well-being as much as your education.

As an undergraduate, I studied history and philosophy. While I enjoyed my subjects, the closer I got to the end of my degree, the more I thought about what I wanted to do afterwards. My experience in Sheffield was such an adventure, and I wasn't sure I wanted it to end. I had always had an interest in law, but I was intimidated by the transition. I decided to start by looking at the opportunities to be a postgraduate student in the School of Law. Reading the course outline of MA Law, I knew I had found the course for me.

What caught my attention about the MA Law course was its programme, offering foundational knowledge and developing skills that prepare you for a legal career. The programme design is with those new to the study of law in mind, and I felt it could offer more to me than a more conventional transitional course. It goes beyond what you would experience on a typical graduate law programme.

The teaching in MA Law is stand-out. I was nervous about how difficult it would be to transition to a new subject, but the quality and variety of the teaching made the transition so comfortable. Our tutor's enthusiasm is inspiring, and it's a course that will challenge you while giving you many different ways to engage with your studies. We have seminars and student-led workshops, giving you the independence to discuss topics with your peers under guidance. From events planning to medicine, you will be studying with a diverse group of peers, making discussions all the more stimulating!

I know that if I have any questions or concerns that the School of Law team will help and support me however they can. Transitioning to postgraduate studies can be challenging, and having a support system like the School of Law team has made it so much easier to adjust. The School of Law team supports you and encourages you to take advantage of opportunities and experiences that will help you prepare for a legal career. Weekly I receive a newsletter packed with details on upcoming events and opportunities. It's easy to get involved with the School of Law community, and there is something for everyone.

The weekly newsletter led to me trying mooting and mock competitions, which have become a big part of my University experience. I had little experience mooting but went from my first mock competition in negotiation to the 2022 CDR National Negotiation Competition. The Edward Bramley Society holds many mock competitions, and everyone is welcome to try their hand. Opportunities like mooting have your future in mind, and they have helped me understand how I can prepare for a future career in law.

The opportunities at the University of Sheffield extend far beyond just the School of Law. The award-winning Sheffield Students Union is host to an exceptional variety of activities and societies. Whether you are looking to practice sport, try something new, or find a relaxing space outside of your studies, there is something for you. Recently I decided to try yoga and pilates at the most recent Give-it-a-Go week, and now you can find me trying to find my balance in a pose weekly.

How much there is to do at the Student's Union reflects how much the city of Sheffield offers. You're not only studying at an excellent University but studying in a city renowned for its diverse community. It's a city with the feel of a smaller community, and you will find your place in the green spaces and bustling streets. From alpaca trekking to the nightlife of West Street, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a city that feels like home, Sheffield is the place for you.

Studying at the School of Law opens up so many opportunities, and I feel that I am preparing for the future in law that I want. The University has helped me grow personally and academically, and I invite you to consider who you could become through studying at the University of Sheffield.

(left) photograph of Georgina outside Bartolomé House, School of Law (right) photograph of Georgina on an Alpaca hike
(left) Georgina outside Bartolomé House, School of Law (right) Georgina hanging out with an alpaca on one of the local Alpaca hikes!

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