My experience as an international student has been inclusive and very welcoming

Felice Clarissa Lambey - MA Law
Felice Clarissa Lambey
Postgraduate student
MA Law
Felice is an international masters student studying MA Law at the University of Sheffield. Find out more about why she chose to study with us.
Felice Clarissa Lambey - MA Law

Why did you decide to study this course?

Being an international relations graduate with a passion for justice and an aim to improve my career prospects, I chose the MA Law course for the chance to learn all the foundational knowledge necessary to be a well-rounded lawyer. It also offered me access to employability events that have connected me to seasoned professionals within my intended field.

As an international student, have you found your experience at the School of Law welcoming and inclusive?

As an international student, I found my experience at the School of Law to be inclusive and very welcoming. Staff members and fellow students are nothing but friendly and supportive, in and outside of the classroom! They are encouraging and helpful in their feedback and it makes for a productive and comfortable learning environment.

What skills have you gained whilst studying in Sheffield?

The seminars at the University of Sheffield are interactive and provide students a chance to practice our communication and comprehension skills, grow our confidence, and improve based on tailored feedback in a safe environment. The team exercises push us to problem solve in a collaborative manner and teach us leadership skills, awareness, and sharpen our critical and analytical thinking skills. Thus, I am able to develop multiple hard and soft skills that I will definitely need in the future!

What is your favourite thing about studying your course at Sheffield?

My favourite thing about studying here is the environment. Being surrounded by people, both students and staff members, who are welcoming, hard-working and willing to help has created a wonderful and encouraging atmosphere. I really appreciate the sense of community as it allows me to feel comfortable and supported while I step outside my usual comfort zone, especially since law is quite a challenging subject. Additionally, the city is absolutely beautiful with lots of greenery which allows for really nice walks during a stressful exam season!

Have you taken advantage of any opportunities that the Law School offers to students?

The University of Sheffield offers numerous opportunities for students to grow their employability skills through their events and programs. The employability events I have attended allowed me to network and converse with, not only those who are already extremely accomplished within the field of law, but also recent graduates who have been successful in their next steps. This really helped me plan my future in a more accurate and practical way, making me more confident about my career. I have also heard many great things about the Pro Bono work experience scheme. It is definitely something I’m planning to get involved in next year to hopefully have a chance of helping others and learn new things!

Felice Clarissa Lambey - MA Law
Felice Clarissa Lambey - MA Law

Have you enjoyed the content of your course? 

The content of my MA Law course was quite comprehensive, thus giving me confidence that although this is a 2 year course, I will be just as knowledgeable as any LLB graduate. Additionally, the research-led approach to teaching is something I really enjoy as it enhances our learning by encouraging us to be resourceful, curious and motivated.

What are your career aspirations?

I would love to become a solicitor, either in the healthcare or commercial sector.

How do you think your degree experience will help you in your career?

My degree allows me to learn all the foundations of law necessary for any law career, as well as a choice of modules that best suit my personal interests and goals. This means that I can tailor my education in a very specific way so that I can get the most out of my degree while doing things that I know I’ll enjoy. This will greatly improve my CV and my university experience.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about studying in the School of Law at Sheffield?

If you are thinking of studying at the School of Law at Sheffield, just do it! I genuinely am really enjoying my time here and can’t recommend it enough. The education is comprehensive yet flexible, which really enhances the experience, and the city is welcoming and safe. You will definitely have a wonderful time and come out with both great career prospects as well as a lot of fun memories!

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