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Xue Zheng Yap - LLM postgraduate student
Xue Zheng Yap
Postgraduate student
LLM - The Sheffield LLM
Postgraduate LLM student, Xue, tells us about his course experience as an international student.
Xue Zheng Yap - LLM postgraduate student
Xue Zheng Yap - LLM student

Why did you decide to study this course?

After completing my undergraduate law degree and practicing as an advocate and solicitor for a year in my home country, I wanted to further my legal knowledge, motivating me to pursue a LLM postgraduate course at the University of Sheffield.

How has your experience of studying at the University of Sheffield been so far? 

I love Sheffield because of its peaceful environment, it's perfect for me to focus on my studies. As my law course is naturally demanding, it's great that the city provides me with plenty of opportunities for stress-relief; there are plenty of things to do with friends, from parks, to coffee shops and bars. There's something for everyone. 

I really enjoy the content of my LLM course. I think the university's research-led approach provides me the opportunity and skills to search for the answers to issues independently, helping me to have a better understanding of both the theoretical and practical side of law. This has helped me to develop my critical thinking skills through analysing and applying the information gained from my research.

As an international student, have you found your experience at the School of Law inclusive?

As an international student, I have had a great experience at the School of Law as the support and assistance is always there whenever I need it. The school frequently organises events encouraging the attendance of international students, providing me with a chance to meet other students, staff and the lecturers. 

Have you got involved with any societies? 

I am a member of the Malaysian and Singaporean Society. Since joining the society, I've met loads of friends from my home country. While I am able to expand my social circle beyond these peers, this has helped me to avoid feeling homesick and has allowed me to develop connections for life.

What skills have you gained whilst studying in Sheffield?

Time management and organisational skills are two important skills I have developed while studying in Sheffield. These skills allow me to balance studying and my personal life. This helps me to have plenty of free time to socialise with my friends, while completing my assessments on time.

What are your career aspirations?

Given the opportunity, I would like to be a practicing lawyer, specialising in IT. IT law is one of the most challenging areas in the current legal field and I believe pushing myself to this challenge would be greatly beneficial. The course has provided me with so much flexibility to focus and orientate my course around my passions and professional aspirations. For example, the majority of my modules are related to IT law.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about studying at the University of Sheffield's School of Law?

You will never regret your choice to study at postgraduate level at the School of Law. The resources available are well organised and accommodating of the needs of students. I've found the staff and lecturers to be really helpful as well, and in my experience, always happy to assist students facing difficulties.

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We offer a generous package of financial support for international students, including undergraduate and postgraduate taught scholarships towards the annual tuition fee. Applications are open for existing offer holders.