CommLaw is a student-led pro bono project offering free legal advice to social and commercial enterprises, startups and small businesses in Sheffield.

Senior student going through how to handle a call to the pro bono clinic. The new student advisor is smiling whilst responding to a call imputing information on a PC. We can only see the back of the PC

CommLaw operates on an appointment basis, allowing clients to discuss their venture, receive general legal advice, and address any specific concerns they might have. 

Under the supervision of qualified solicitors, acting as an advisor, students can deliver advice on a range of commercial legal issues, including:

  • Website Terms & Conditions
  • Business Structures
  • Product Labelling Regulations
  • Disclaimers
  • Contractual Issues
  • Employment, contractor and partnership issues

Open Now: The CommLaw clinic is open now. Appointments will be held in person in Bartolome Lodge at the School of Law. However, if you prefer this as an online appointment, please email requesting this.

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