FreeLaw is a student-led legal clinic providing free legal advice to all members of the public, including university members. Qualified solicitors from the School of Law oversee our advice.

Two postgraduate students working together in a seminar room in Bartolomé House

FreeLaw is a student-led service offering free legal advice to the public. Working in groups, students cover many areas of law, conducting interviews and undertaking the required research. A qualified solicitor always oversees the research to ensure the advice received is accurate and relevant.

Available Support

Advice clients could receive from us includes:

  • Housing 
  • Employment 
  • Family
  • Consumer Rights
  • Personal Injury 

FreeLaw can also assist with referring clients to a firm or organisation that is more capable of handling their specific case if necessary.

Advice clients are unable to receive from us:

  • Criminal law
  • Immigration law
  • Financial advice - including advice about Welfare benefits and financial matters arising from divorce
  • Claims against The University of Sheffield, its Governors, employees or students

We may also decide not to take a case forward:

  • If it falls outside the clinic's expertise, 
  • If there is a conflict of interest, 
  • If urgent assistance is required.

The expected turnaround time for advice is two weeks, although this can take longer during exams and vacations.

How to book an appointment or contact FreeLaw

About Us

FreeLaw was set up in 2008 and initially provided a referral service for those seeking legal advice. In 2011, Bartolome Lodge was fully restored and now provides a home for all our pro bono clinics.

The FreeLaw programme involves students undertaking legal research and providing free legal advice to the public, under supervision from qualified solicitors, through two drop-in advice sessions each week during term time.

As well as improving our students' legal skills and employability, FreeLaw provides an invaluable service to the Sheffield community, particularly in light of recent cuts to legal aid for the most vulnerable in our society.

The Process, Standards and Confidentiality, Affiliations with the University of Sheffield

View The Process, Standards and Confidentiality, and Affiliations with the University of Sheffield.

Alternative Help

If you require support and we cannot assist, have no meeting slots available or do not have the expertise, please check our 'Other Pro Bono Schemes' page, which lists other provisions. Our email auto-reply also has a list you can access when you email us.