Research Centres and Institutes

The School's research is organised around five centres which stimulate research by providing a forum within which ideas can be disseminated and discussed and new projects developed. The clusters play a central role in the School's research culture and strategy.

Centre for Criminological Research (CCR)

The Centre for Criminological Research is the focal point for criminology and criminal justice at the University of Sheffield, one of Britain's main research-led universities.

Centre for the Study of Law in Society (CLIS)

CLIS is the focal point for socio-legal research at the University of Sheffield. The Centre’s main aim is to operate as an inclusive group, encouraging and supporting the research of a diverse range of scholars.

Sheffield Institute for Corporate and Commercial Law (SICCL)

SICCL focuses on corporate, commercial and financial law, and combines practical and theoretical insights from a range of disciplines. SICCL members are actively involved in research and contribute to policy-making in these areas.

Sheffield Centre for International and European Law (SCIEL)

In an increasingly globalised world, law and legal issues often have a dimension that is not confined by national boundaries. Research in the Centre focuses on the global and European aspects of legal issues, and more broadly draws on the School’s strengths in many forms of International, European and Comparative Law to consider the wider implications of current problems.

Sheffield Institute for Biotechnology Law and Ethics (SIBLE)

An interdisciplinary institute with an international reputation for research on legal and ethical aspects of modern medicine and bio-engineering. SIBLE is a university wide centre with members from law, medicine, biomolecular science, tissue engineering and developmental biology.

Our Research Groups

Alongside the five research clusters in the School of Law, we participate in cross-University and cross-Faculty research fora.

EU Discussion Group

A lively discussion group for anyone interested in EU law, politics, society and culture.

Human Rights Forum

Our forum to discuss all things Human Rights related.

Dimensions of Obligations Network

A research network which focuses on laws, norms, rules and regulations surrounding "obligations" in their broadest sense thereby allowing common research interests to be identified across the department. It may also allow for multi-disciplinary research with other colleagues in other scholarly disciplines.