Lectures on Gender and Sexuality: Exploring the spatio-temporal disjunctures of intersex rights

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The LGBT+ flag flying outside Firth Court at the University of Sheffield

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Friday 17 February 2023
Free to attend, Lunch is provided for visitors. (University Students and Staff ONLY)


(Open University staff and students only) Inhuman treatment, bodily integrity or an ‘Untouchable Legal Bubble’? Exploring the spatio-temporal disjunctures of intersex rights

Date of event: Friday 17 February 2023

Event Time: Lunch 12.15-1pm - Lecture 1-2pm

Speaker: Dr Kay Lalor (Manchester Metropolitan University) 

Event Location: Bartolome House (Moot Court) 

Event abstract: The paper considers how a key demand of intersex movements; the end of gender normalising surgery on intersex infants is framed in human rights terms across different scales and jurisdictions.

By comparing the way that international bodies, such as the European Court of human rights and intersex activists, perceive calls for an end to non-therapeutic interventions on intersex infants, it is possible to better understand both the potential and the limits of a human rights framework for ending this practice.

Lunch is available for attendees to this event. Please let us know any dietary requirements you have when booking your place. 


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