International Conference: Regulating the Market for Policing

ESRC Seminar 4 July

As part of the Markets in Policing ESRC Seminar Series, the seventh seminar entitled 'Regulating the Market for Policing' was held here in the School of Law 4 July 2017. The day was hosted by Dr Adam White and the Centre for Criminological Research

The first session was entitled 'Regulating the Market for Policing in Theory' and presenters include:

  • Professor John Braithwaite (Australian National University)
  • Professor Mark Button (University of Portsmouth)
  • Professor Ian Loader (University of Oxford)
  • Mr Peter Stiernstedt (University of Portsmouth)
  • Dr Adam White (University of Sheffield).

The second session was entitled 'Regulating the Market for Policing in Practice' and presenters include:

  • Dave Humphries (Director of Partnerships and Interventions, Security Industry Authority)
  • James Kelly (Chief Executive, British Security Industry Association)
  • Fernand Hollevoet (G4S Belgium) 

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