Communal Property Research Network

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British Academy International Partnership and Mobility Scheme
‘Diversifying Ownership of Land?: Communal Property in the UK and China’, 2014-2017

Project Summary

Communal property is increasingly important in both the UK and China. Although the history and present structure of land rights in the two regions is very different,communal property nevertheless emerges in both regions as a key component in the management of resources, notably in four related areas: agriculture,environmental protection, rural and urban development and housing. This project will establish a new research network between UK and Chinese scholars with mutual research interests in communal property and community governance of land and natural resources, exploring the lessons each can learn from the other about the developing role of communal property in these four areas.

Although the current focus is a China/UK Comparison, we welcome approaches from academics and practitioners interested in communal property from regional and global perspectives.

The PI, Dr Ting Xu, is happy to discuss with anyone interested in this project. Please contact her at