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Dr Damian Gonzalez-Salzberg

Position: Lecturer
Email Address:
Telephone: +44 (0)114 222 6767
Room No: AF08

Academic Profile

I joined the University of Sheffield as a Lecturer in Law in September 2014. Prior to this position, I was a sessional lecturer at the University of Reading, School of Law, where I completed my PhD on human rights law and queer theory. Before moving to the United Kingdom, I have worked as a lawyer on human rights law in my home country (Argentina) both for a human rights NGO and a governmental department. My main academic interest is in the broad area of human rights, ranging from international and regional systems for the protection of human rights to human rights research methodologies. I have pursued studies in human rights related disciplines in Argentina, United Kingdom, Spain, United States and France and all my academic research lies within this area. My current research focusses on postmodern approaches to the legal regulation of gender and sexuality, and also on quantitative studies of human rights law.


  • PhD in Law, University of Reading
  • Diploma in International and Comparative Law of Human Rights, Institut International des Droits de l'Homme
  • Diploma of the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, American University
  • MA in International Relations, Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals
  • MA in Public Administration and Public Policy, University of York
  • Attorney-at-Law, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Teaching and Learning

I favour a research-led approach to teaching, meaning both informing my teaching with my research (whenever that is possible), and encouraging students to take an active role in their studies by conducting research into their own areas of interest. I particularly enjoy making use of a variety of active teaching methods, including moot court proceedings, group debates, and role-playing, as I believe these methods help students to become more critical and allow them to develop their own potential.

The modules I teach are:

Undergraduate Postgraduate
International Human Rights Law (Convenor) International Human Rights: Philosophical, Moral and Legal Foundations (Convenor)
Gender, Sexuality and Law (Convenor)
The Theory and Practice of the Human Rights Act 1998
Foundations of International Law
Special Project: International Mooting

Research Interests

  • International and Regional Protection of Human Rights
  • The Work of International Courts
  • Domestic Implementation of International Human Rights Law
  • Human Rights Methods and Methodologies
  • Gender, Sexuality and Law
  • Feminist and Queer Legal Theories.

Member of the Sheffield Centre for International and European Law and the Centre for the Study of Law in Society.

Areas of Research Supervision

  • International Human Rights Law
  • Inter-American, European and African Human Rights Systems
  • Gender, Sexuality and Law
  • Feminist and Queer Legal Theories

Recent Invited Papers and Keynote Lectures

  • University of Salamanca (Spain), February 2016, Conference organised by the LGBT Association “Iguales”. Presentation: Derechos humanos desde una perspectiva queer [Human rights from a queer perspective].

  • University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), May 2015, Sexualities and transsexualities in international human rights law. Presentation: La construcción de la sexualidad y transexualidad en el derechos internacional de los derechos humanos [The construction of sexuality and transsexuality in international human rights law].

  • University of York (UK), May 2014, Sexual Orientation and the European Convention on Human Rights: Voices and Perspectives. Presentation: Deconstructing and re-constructing the European Court of Human Rights’ ideas about human sexuality.

Professional Activities and Recognition

  • Diploma and Gold Medal of the Institut International des Droits de l’Homme (2013)
  • 2013 Human Rights Essay Award, Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, American University, Washington College of Law.
  • I have reviewed diverse academic articles in the area of human rights for peer-reviewed journals from Latin-America and United Kingdom.
  • Member of the Institut International des Droits de l‘Homme
  • Member of the Socio-Legal Studies Association

Key Publications

Journal articles

  • Gonzalez-Salzberg DA (2014) The Accepted Transsexual and the Absent Transgender: A Queer Reading of the Regulation of Sex/Gender by the European Court of Human Rights. American University International Law Review, 29(4), 797-829. View this article in WRRO
  • Gonzalez-Salzberg DA (2014) ‘Do States comply with the compulsory judgments of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights? An empirical study of the compliance with 330 measures of reparation’. Revista do Instituto Brasileiro de Direitos Humanos, 13, 93-114. View this article in WRRO
  • Gonzalez-Salzberg DA (2014) 'The making of the Court’s homosexual: a queer reading of the European Court of Human Rights’ case law on same-sex sexuality’. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 65(4). View this article in WRRO
  • Gonzalez-Salzberg DA (2012) ‘Do preliminary objections truly object to the jurisdiction of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights?'. Human Rights Law Review, 12(2).
  • Gonzalez-Salzberg DA (2011) ‘The implementation of decisions from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Argentina: an analysis of the jurisprudential swings of the Supreme Court’. Sur - International Journal on Human Rights, 8.
  • Gonzalez-Salzberg DA (2010) ‘The effectiveness of the Inter-American Human Rights System: a study of the American States’ compliance with the judgments of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights’. International Law: Revista Colombiana de Derecho Internacional, 16.