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Law student
Natalia Miernik
Current Student
LLB Law (European and International)
Natalia, a 2nd year LLB Law (European and International) student, discusses how she has used opportunities available within the School of Law and her plans for the future.
Law student

What is your favourite thing about studying law at Sheffield?

My favourite aspect of the course is the assessed group activities that certain modules offer. These give students the opportunity to develop their teamwork and communication skills by having to prepare a presentation/project in small groups before presenting it to the rest of their seminar members. This aspect has definitely enhanced my presentation skills as well helped me gain more confidence.

Have you taken advantage of any opportunities that the Law School offers to students?

I took part in the FreeLaw pro bono clinic during my first year and couldn’t be gladder for seizing such an amazing opportunity. The clinic allowed me to work with real people with real problems who cannot afford a solicitor. By interviewing the clients and then executing extensive research to provide them with a letter of advice, I gained a real insight of the kind of legal problems lawyers have to solve. Not only this, but the clinic definitely improved my legal knowledge overall and contributed to my success in exams.

Have you got involved with any School of Law societies?

I have been a part of the Edward Bramley Law society and would recommend every law student to join. Without the society I would not have taken part in some truly amazing opportunities last year, including career dinners with prestigious law firms, networking events, the winter and summers law balls, a trip to Amsterdam and the best netball club!

I took part in the FreeLaw pro bono clinic during my first year and couldn’t be gladder for seizing such an amazing opportunity

Natalia Miernik

LLB Law (European and International)

Have you started thinking about life after university?

Studying international law at Sheffield has really expanded my passion for the law to legal systems beyond England and Wales. I thoroughly enjoy learning about how different countries use different systems to punish crimes and settle disputes. For this reason, I would like to continue my studies for bit longer after graduation and pursue a postgraduate degree abroad, most likely in the States.

This will allow me to explore a different legal system in greater depth as well as allow me to become more cultured. I truly thank the University’s incredible international opportunities and education of internationalism in sparking this exciting new interest for me.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about studying at Sheffield?

Just like with any other endeavour, if you are passionate about the law, whether it’s problem solving for clients or an interest in the more broad, international scope of law and public relations, if you are willing to put in the required time and effort to ensure your success, then there is nothing that should stop you from enrolling.

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