Specialist Option Modules

Optional modules offered for our undergraduate law programmes may change from year to year, below is a list of optional modules that may be available.

Module Title Module Code Credit Value
*Advanced Administrative Law and Justice LAW206 20
*Advanced Constitutional Law LAW207 20
*Advanced Criminal Law and Justice LAW208 20
*Advanced Equity and Trusts LAW209 20
*Advanced EU Law LAW210 20
*Advanced Land Law LAW211 20
*Advanced Law of Contract LAW212 20
Foundations of International Law LAW215 20
Punishment and Penal Policy LAW217 20
Responding to Crime (Criminology only) LAW218 20
*Advanced Torts Law LAW219 20
*Private Law Aspects of Company Law LAW220 20
Understanding Criminology: Advanced Level Introduction LAW221 20
*Advanced Contract: Contract Theories in a Commercial Perspective LAW224 20
Criminology and War LAW229 20
International Legal Theory and Practice LAW3001 20
Criminology Research Paper LAW302 20
Current Issues in EU Law LAW3019 20
Intellectual Property: Patents, Trade Secrets LAW3020 20
Police and Policing in a Global Context LAW3021 20
*The Theory and Practice of the Human Rights Act 1998 LAW3022 20
Principles of Healthcare Law and Ethics LAW3025 20
Law, Accountability and Government LAW3027 20
Prisons and Imprisonment LAW3029 20
Drugs, Crime and Control LAW3030 20
Law Research Paper LAW3101 20
Responding to Crime and Victimisation LAW3032 20
Banking and Financial Services Regulations LAW3034 20
Theoretical Foundations of Criminal Law LAW3038 20
International and Comparative Migration Law LAW3040 20
Special Project: A Practical Perspective on Commercial Property Development LAW3041 20
Special Project: International Mooting LAW3044 20
Critical Criminology LAW3046 20
Special Project: Pro Bono LAW3049 20
International Commercial Arbitration LAW3050 20
Law Reform Practice LAW3051 20
Law Research Paper LAW308 20
The Rehabilitation of Offenders LAW317 20
Sale of Goods LAW321 20
The Law Relating to Public Companies LAW326 20
Competition Law LAW327 20
Criminology Research Project LAW332 20
Advanced Issues in International Law LAW333 20
Employment Law LAW334 20
Environmental Law LAW335 20
Family Law LAW337 20
Foundations of International Law LAW347 20
International Human Rights LAW371 20
Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice LAW380 20
Youth Crime and Justice LAW389 20
Restorative Justice LAW390 20

* Module LAW3022 covers elements of the ‘Foundations of Legal Knowledge’, as required by the Solicitors' Regulation Authority and the Bar Standards Board.