Skills IconsSkills and Values

"Skills and Values" is the key to your success as a student in Sheffield School of Law.  It is the module you cannot do without. It provides a springboard for the other modules, and a place in which we bring everything together, and tailor your Sheffield Law Degree to you.

Element 1

The Understanding Law experience. This learning experience takes place during the first two weeks of your University studies, and the last week of year 1, semester 2.  Designed as a transition from school to University learning, it will teach you enough legal knowledge and skills to get you going on the modules that begin in week 3. It will also bring all your modular learning together at the end of the year.

Element 2

The "Skills and Values programme". This takes place throughout both semesters, and will continue into your second and final years. It is mostly delivered through encounters with your Personal and Academic Tutor. Skills and Values provides you with an analysis of what skills you will need to develop during your studies; and an individualised plan of how you will do so. It also provides the opportunity to practise some of those skills and get different types of feedback on them, and to reflect further on the values inherent in your legal and criminal justice learning.

Element 3

The Independent Learning element. Closely related to both (1) and (2), this is in many ways the most important part of your skills education. Put simply, it is all about us helping you to make the most of being at University. Of course, all your modules involve independent learning.  In this one, we help you to develop the skills you will need for the next stage of your life (and to work out what that will be). Some things are provided by the Law School (like our Employability and Skills (E&SI) events) and some by the University (like the careers service; volunteering; enterprise).  Which you choose to follow is up to you.

The module is assessed by a 'training/skills needs analysis', and evidence of your progress towards the skills identified by that analysis. You will be given a choice of how to present those at the end of each year.