"My advice for new students is..."


The one piece of advice I would give would be just to believe in yourself and persevere. Nobody gets to where they want to be without facing setbacks and rejection so you have to learn to learn from them, rather than taking them as a negative. Go into everything you do with a "can-do" attitude and that confidence will be felt by people. If you don't back yourself, how can you expect anyone else to back you?

Anna Kitching, LLB Law class of 2020

Trainee Solicitor, Knights PLC

Anna Kitching - LLB Law alumni

How the School of Law prepared me for my career

Anna Kitching LLB Law

One of our School of Law alumni, Anna, talks about her time with us at the School of Law and how this has helped her in her career as a trainee solicitor.

Anna Kitching - LLB Law alumni
Anna Kitching - LLB Law alumni

I would advise students to embrace all opportunities as these have really helped me obtain incredible and unique insights into the legal profession, and develop transferable skills. There are plenty of networking and employability events for students to participate in, and I have benefitted from these majorly when building my legal network and creating long-standing relationships with legal professionals that will be able to support me in questions for the future.

Eleonora Sutkalne-Akmene, LLB Law

Class of 2023

Eleonora Sutkalne-Akmene - LLB Law 2022
Eleonora Sutkalne-Akmene (LLB Law)