Professor SC Lenny Koh, BEng (Hons), PhD, FRSA

Cross Cutting Chief, Strategic Futures on Resource Sustainability (SCRS)
Chair, Operations Management
Founding Director, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) Research Centre
Director, Centre for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (CEES)
Director, Advanced Resource Efficiency Centre (AREC)
Head of Communication, Partnership and Internationalization, The University of Sheffield Energy Institute
Room: B060
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 3395
Professor Lenny Koh photograph

Professor Lenny Koh, BEng (Hons), PhD, FRSA, is a Chair Professor in Operations Management, Founders and Directors of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) Research Centre at the Management School & the Faculty’s Centre for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (CEES), at The University of Sheffield, UK. She is also the co-founder of Supply Chain Management and Information Systems (SCMIS) Consortium, a global network of leading academic and practitioners driving research and knowledge exchange on supply chain and information systems. A World leading mind recognised amongst FRSs and Nobel Laureates within the University, Professor Koh is a Senior Chair Professor, an internationally renowned and established authority in supply chain especially on low carbon and sustainability, with a high H-index (World number 2) and high research income generation in her discipline internationally. She is active in leading a 2022 Futures initiative advancing resource efficiency and supply chain disciplines, navigating a new translational model for connecting invention/basic science at lower TRL to higher TRL.

Professor Koh’s leadership and management role involves leading alumni, external relations and championing partnerships with industry, government and other top institutions. She is a member of the strategy executive leadership board. She is also a member of Senate and a member of Court. Examples of strategic innovation and successes include the International Faculty in Thessaloniki, Greece (which she was the chief for their learning and teaching excellence on business and economics), founded the Rolls-Royce industry partnership which enhances students learning and employability through sponsored module on operations and supply chain, founded the MSc in LSCM and MSc in Energy Management which were direct output from research-led learning, engagement with industry and government on research generating impact including with DECC, EU, EERA, BIS, DCLG, Office of the Prime Minister, LEP, MOD, NDRC, local authorities, Chambers of Commerce, Rolls-Royce, Boeing, Sheffield Forgemasters, Siemens, TATA, Yorkshire Water, Muntons, Unilever, Brocklesby, Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s, ASDA-Walmart, Nestle, EON, EDF, NPower, British Gas, SSE, Scottish Power, Premier, DLA Piper, IBM, Keepmoat, SIG, Bridon, Wardell Armstrong, Arup, Mott McDonald, Jaguar, CII, Cargotec, QinetiQ and so on.

Professor Koh’s leadership also involves managing groups including Business Development Director and Officer, Project Managers, Senior Research Fellow, Post Doctoral Research Associates, Research Associates, academics, members of LSCM/CEES/CLCF/EIDC, PhD students, alumni support officer, PA, industry/academic/government partners in various projects. Her expertise lies in logistics/supply chain management, particularly in; low carbon futures/industries, low carbon supply chain, energy supply chain, environment and sustainability science, energy efficiency, and uncertainty management. She has also produced a considerable amount of research in production planning and control, enterprise resource planning, and information science. Professor Koh holds a First-class honours degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, and a Doctorate in Operations Management. She has lectured in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Quantitative Methods and e-business, Operations and Supply Chain Management. She is a Visiting Professor at Universite Pierre Mendes-France, National Chung Hsing University Taiwan, Fu-Jen Catholic University, City Liberal Studies Greece, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China; and Skovde University, Sweden. She has served on promotion panel for many senior appointments for Chair. She is also an external examiner for The University of West Indies (St. Augustine), Aston Business School, Brunel Business School, Leeds University Business School and Cranfield University.

Professor Koh plays a strategic role at University level and serves/served on various University’s committees including the University’s Senate and Court, University Senate External Affairs Committee, University Research and Innovation Committee, HEFCE and NAO visit panel, QAA Institutional Audit, Board of Collaborative Studies, Discipline Committee, Sheffield/SEERC Steering Committee, Graduate Research Development Committee, and Centre for Low Carbon Futures (CLCF) Steering Committee (Yorkshire Universities level). She chairs the CLCF Low Carbon Supply Chain Business Advisory Board, Alumni Advisory Board, Alumni Committee, EIDC Board, Sheffield City Region LEP low carbon skills working group; attends N8 energy meetings; initiates some key research internationalisation partnerships; and leads some strategic research partnership including the European energy innovation for deprived communities with local authorities, community organisations, ALMO; energy efficiency and retrofitting supply chain, China-EU energy supply chain (CCS and Clean Coal), nuclear supply chain projects, Green Deal value chain, and European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Initiative on Life Cycle Thinking working with UKERC and a large consortium. She also leads the environment and sustainability pathway for the ESRC funded Whiterose DTC, and involves directly in the EPSRC funded machining science IDC with AMRC on engineering cost research, the EPSRC funded advanced metallic CDT between Sheffield and Manchester on supply chain research; leads the supply chain and skills work for the Transport Systems Catapult, and the resilience theme of the MOD/dstl funded defence support and logistics.

Professor Koh’s work is world leading with its novelty; and has generated major impact onto society, industry and government. Her research intersects supply chain and information sciences for resource efficiency and sustainability. Her work is multi- and inter- disciplinary, crosses supply chain, information systems, energy, engineering, social science and science disciplines in understanding todays and futures complex supply chain problems induced by climate change and uncertainty. She has pioneered and led many large scale, complex, multi partners, multi- and inter- disciplinary projects successfully. These are funded by EPSRC, ESRC, EU, TSB and other key external bodies in the UK, Europe and internationally. For instance, she pioneers and leads the £1million low carbon supply chain life cycle analysis research which produced a cloud hosted Supply Chain Environment Analysis Tool (SCEnAT), used by SMEs and large corporates. She also pioneers and directs the £15million BIG Energy Upgrade (Energy Innovation for Deprived Communities – the biggest such project nationally) which focuses on reducing CO2, stimulates supply chain and improves energy efficiency for the most deprived communities. She also leads and involves in the EPSRC funded materials substitution and sustainability (£3,113,335), ESRC funded TRANSFER (£326,000), EU funded PreSS (£517,000), EU funded SCOT (£2.5million), TSB funded liquid air nitrogen economic assessment (£200,000), MOD funded defence support and logistics with QinetiQ/dstl - resilience (£3million), and EPSRC funded transport systems catapult (£620,580). She is also a University of Sheffield’s Principal Investigators (PIs) of the €60million Centre for Low Carbon Futures (CLCF) ‘low carbon supply chain’ research strand and Coordinator of the Carbon Management theme which incorporates energy, bio renewable and supply chain; a White Rose Sustainability Science Network (including low carbon transport with impact on energy/electricity grid), £15million European energy innovation for deprived communities (BIG Energy Upgrade), £234,080 EPSRC energy efficient building and supply chain, £30k YF energy efficiency and retrofitting supply chain, environmental mapping and energy supply chains (including oil and gas), EU funded FP7 Agrifood value chain, EPSRC funded BIG Energy Upgrade network focuses on fuel poverty, DECC funded Green Deal Pioneer Places Scheme, and EPSRC and various funded researches working on a range of research projects ranging from understanding of supply chain embodied CO2 using SCEnAT which embeds the most advanced hybrid LCA-IO methodology; through to developing indicators, energy, risk and poverty GIS maps for fuel poverty and energy supply chain, supply chain carbon maps, noise contour maps for aviation, SEM models for green supply chains, engineering cost modelling for advanced manufacturing, and food supply chain modelling. She has led and involved in other highly complex and multi-disciplinary research projects with multiple European and international partners and is a member/link with multi-disciplinary consortia including EPSRC funded e-futures DTC (£5.7million) and, Rolls-Royce and Yorkshire Forward and Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) funded Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) (£25million). She has led and involved in large scale projects funded by EPSRC, ERSC, EU, BIS, Government, DECC, Regional Development Agency (RDA), Yorkshire Forward, White Rose Consortium, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), National Science Council (NSC) (Taiwan), The British Academy (UK), The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO - UK), Ministry of Education (Macedonia), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Malaysia), Rolls-Royce (UK), rent-it-systems (UK), London Area Procurement Network (LAPN), Cargotec and South Yorkshire Housing Association.

She has successfully led and supervised Business Development Director/Project Managers/research fellows/PDRAs/RAs/research students/staff, examined many PhDs, reviewed research grant applications for EU, ESRC, EPSRC, Leverhulme Trust, British Academy, Canada Research Council, Hong Kong Research Council, Israel Science Foundation and NWO The Netherland. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, panel member for ESRC Quantitative Research, panel member for NWO The Netherland, panel member for REF equivalent in Sweden, and an advisor to National Development and Reform Commission of China (NDRC) (super ministry), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and UK Government on impact of climate change and low carbon supply chain, Doncaster Chamber Knowledge and Enterprise Group, EPSRC future research themes, a committee member of the Sheffield City Region (SCR) LEP Low Carbon Sector Group and Sheffield Environment Partnership. She is also a regular speaker with government, industry and NGO events/conferences both nationally and internationally, e.g. with EU, BIS, UKTI, local and city region partnership, Councils, Actions for Involvement etc.

With a H-index over 30 in her discipline (World number 2), Professor Koh has over 273 publications in the forms of journal papers (RAE/REF returnable), books, edited books, edited proceedings, edited special issues, book chapters, conference papers, technical papers and reports. Her work appears in top quality and high impact journals such as International Journal of Production Research, Journal of The Operational Research Society, International Journal of Production Economics, OMEGA, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Production Planning and Control, Environmental Science and Technology, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review. She is the Editor-in-Chief of 3 international journals, the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Systems Science (IJSS) and 2 other international journals. She is on the editorial board of many international journals. She has guest edited many high profile journals. She also serves on the board of scientific/international/programme committee of many international conferences Worldwide. She is a referee for many top international scientific journals and is a member of AOM (USA), BAM (UK), IET (UK), IEE (UK), Institute of Operations Management (UK), Chartered Management Institute (UK), Operational Research Society (UK), APICS (USA), EUROMA (Europe) and INFORMS (USA). She has also delivered many keynote speeches in international conferences and invited lectures in many institutions; and organised and chaired the 2004-2010 International Conference on Supply Chain Management and Information Systems in Hong Kong, Greece, Taiwan, Australia, India, Taiwan and China. In 2009, she led the Coal Conference hosted by the Former Deputy Prime Minister Rt Hon Lord John Prescott MP at The University of Sheffield, with very high level government involvement including: now former Secretary of State of Energy and Climate Change Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP (now Labour Party Leader), now former Regional Minister Rt Hon Rosie Winterton MP, Former Sport Minister Rt Hon Richard Caborn MP (Sheffield Central)), RDA, industry and academic participation internationally. With the current coalition government, she is working with BIS, DECC, FCO, local government, city and pan regions and Europe on low carbon supply chain growth, and energy efficiency and innovation (e.g. with Secretaries of State for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) on Big Energy Upgrade/EIDC). She also works with the All Parties Parliamentary Group of Energy Studies.

Professor Koh has been a consultant for many Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and large-scale manufacturing/service enterprises in the UK and Worldwide. She works collaboratively with industries, governments and top academic institutions nationally, regionally and internationally in her research, and has led suites of knowledge exchange projects. Her industrial experiences include implementation and operations of MRP/MRPII/ERP systems in SMEs, advanced manufacturing environments, directorships/leaderships in agricultural sector, directorships in business-to-business and business-to-consumer food supply chain, business venture and investment. She is a firm believer of the direction for a low carbon supply chain growth and sustainable future with a balanced energy mix. Her expertise and experience will be highly relevant and beneficial to lead any country and industry/sector forward for the development of innovative sustainable growth working in collaboration and partnership between universities, government and industry.


In terms of teaching, Professor Koh leads the following modules:

  • PG: Executive MBA Operations Management module. This also involves Rolls-Royce led workshop on logistics and supply chain management in the module delivered by Director of Global Physical Logistics from Rolls-Royce.
  • UG: Operations and Supply Chain Management: A Rolls-Royce sponsored module.


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