Dr Francesco Sella

Department of Psychology
The University of Sheffield
Floor G, Cathedral Court,
1 Vicar Lane, Sheffield, 
S1 2LT, UK
Tel: (+44) 0114 222 6503
Email: f.sella@sheffield.ac.uk



2006: BSc in Psychology, University of Padova (Italy)
2008: MSc in Clinical Psychology, University of Padova (Italy)
2013: PhD in Developmental Psychology, University of Padova (Italy)


Research Interests

Proficient mathematical learning represents a key aspect of academic achievement, and it is also an important skill for a competitive workforce. My research focuses on understanding the cognitive mechanisms involved in the acquisition of numerical skills in typically and atypically developing individuals. I have been implementing different research methods to explore basic numerical representations in preschool and primary school children and how these representations relate to mathematical learning. I am particularly interested in how young children learn the numerical meaning of number words and Arabic digits (i.e., symbol-grounding).


PSY269:  Developmental Psychology
PSY331:  Extended Essay in Psychology
PSY346:  Research Project in Psychology


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