What skills will I learn studying languages at Sheffield?

A languages degree from Sheffield is about much more than simply mastering another tongue. Studying with us gives you a range of skills which are transferable to the professional world.

More than just a linguist

Your heightened cultural awareness will enable you to address problems from a variety of perspectives, critically analysing information and arriving at an independent point of view.

With group projects to manage, your negotiation, team work and leadership will be on show, while managing your own workload will demonstrate your self reliance. Your communication skills will of course be first rate, enabling you to articulate your views confidently both verbally and in writing.

Just one example of how our students use all of those skills can be found in the video below:

Our undergraduates planned, organised and hosted a hugely successful conference on Dutch culture. Putting together a conference is no mean feat for seasoned academics, and yet our undergraduates managed the whole event from start to finish. The arguments they presented in the conference showed their analysis and presentation skills, while dealing with the practical aspects of hosting a conference showed teamwork, organisation and self-reliance.

Needless to say, all of this will hugely impress future employers.

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"The different components of my course have equipped with a set of core skills necessary to succeed in a professional work environment; they help you to develop a sound base of vital skills. My degree at Sheffield has been instrumental in helping me to secure a graduate role with Barclays." Ashil Sodha, BA Hispanic Studies and Economics

SkillsPic1Your year abroad

Academic skills are an excellent thing to have, but with many similar graduates in competition for that elusive first job, employers now want more.

Demonstrating that you have lived, studied and worked in another country will allow you to compete more effectively in the job market, giving you the added value that employers are looking for.

 "[Academic knowledge] is not enough. We're looking for colleagues who can be innovative in difficult situations; who can work under pressure; can build relationships and who are not afraid to challenge and be challenged. Doing an Erasmus exchange is the perfect way to develop these skills." Michelle MacFadyen, KPMG

What makes the year abroad at Sheffield so special is the range of choice we offer. Our students go across the world and do a variety of things: teaching, volunteering, gaining professional experience, studying. Your year abroad with Sheffield could put you in any number of challenging and exciting situations which will develop your skills in a variety of ways; all of which will impress future employers.