Challenging the stigmatisation of poverty and place-based disadvantage

Principal Investigator:

Rowland Atkinson


November 2013 - June 2015

There is widespread community tolerance of demeaning and derisory stereotypes to describe individuals experiencing poverty and socioeconomic disadvantage. This negative stereotyping, which also attaches to neighbourhoods with high proportions of disadvantaged households, has many adverse effects and undermines poverty reduction efforts.

This research is examining the influence of the media on wider community attitudes to poverty and socioeconomic disadvantage in Australia (with colleagues Deborah Joy-Warr, University of Melbourne, and Keith Jacobs, University of Tasmania) and the United Kingdom. The work will use innovative methods for research involving populations vulnerable to being stigmatised (through a community arts project), and generate new knowledge of the effects of poverty stigma. Findings will inform strategies for challenging stigma.


Australian Research Council