Green growth: Increasing the resilience of cities through delivery of Green Infrastructure based solutions

Principal Investigator:

Adam Barker (University of Manchester)


Sarah Payne (USP), Dr Gareth Clay, Dr James Rothwel, Dr Anna Gilchrist, Dr Susannah Gill (all University of Manchester)


This research project seeks to explore the institutional dynamics of decision making for green infrastructure in urban areas. The study recognises that whilst GI offers the opportunity for UK cities to reduce their vulnerability to climate change impacts, understanding and delivery is currently not keeping pace with adverse levels of environmental change. Significant emphasis will be placed upon the co-production of knowledge forms geared to improving institutional awareness and embeddedness.

The project involves academic leads based at the Universities of Manchester and Sheffield along with members of the public and private sector.

Key project partners include: Manchester City Council, Red Rose Forest, Building Design Partnership BDP), Business in the Community (BiTC), and the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC).


Natural and Environmental Research Council