Searching for Housing Markets

Principal Investigator:

Alasdair Rae


September 2012 - August 2014

This project is focused on methodological advancement in the identification of housing market areas. Traditionally, housing market areas have been used to plan for the development, allocation and delivery of housing at the sub-national level, but – owing to data deficiencies – it is often not clear what constitutes a housing market area.

Much has been done in relation to understanding housing market areas through migration data, but there has always been a problem with understanding where people search for housing in the initial stages of engagement with the housing market and how this feeds in to the identification of housing market areas.

Therefore, in this project Dr Rae will make use of a large housing market search dataset in order to add something new to the academic literature on housing market area definition. The project will also produce a number of policy briefings.


British Academy