Cemetery and Society in the Aegean Bronze Age edited by Keith Branigan

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Cemetery and Society in the Aegean Bronze Age

Eleven papers from a conference at the Sheffield Centre for Aegean Archaeology in 1996 which focus on the relationship between the living societies and their cemeteries and mortuary practices. Contents: Proximity and distance in early Minoan funerary behaviour (Keith Branigan); A view of Prepalatial Minoan tholoi (Joanne Murphy); Mortuary evidence, symbolic meaning and social change: a comparison between Messenia and the Argolid in the Mycenaean period (Sofia Voutsai); Thoughts upon `Cycladic' in the Mesara (Tristan Carter); Sealstones in cemeteries: a display of social status? (Alexios Karytinos); Social ranking from architectural and mortuary evidence in the Minoan cemetery at Phournai, Archanes (Christofilis Maggidis); Innovation, conservatism and variation in Mycenaean funerary ritual (William Cavanagh); Mortuary feasting and the politics of memory in the Aegean Bronze Age societies (Yannis Hamilakis); Pots, labels and people: burying ethnicity in the cemetery at Aghia Photia, Siteias (Peter Day, David Wilson, Evangelia Kiriatzi); Prehistoric cemetery populations from northern Greece (Sevi Triantapyllou); Gender bias in Mycenaean mortuary practices (Christopher Mee).

Paperback 150 pages (December 1997); Sheffield Academic Press ISBN: 1850758220

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