Yali Zhang

School of Architecture

PhD Research Student

Yali Zhang

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Yali Zhang
School of Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

Passionate in high-tech culture and digital urbanism.

ISOCARP Young Professional in Urban Design, 5 years teaching experience and 6 years practice in urban design projects with international operation.

2013 – 2018 Lecturer in Shandong Jianzhu University
2012 – 2013 Project Manager SA+P Bürogemeinschaft, Stuttgart, Deutschland
2011-2012 Master of Urban Design in SSoA University of Sheffield

Research interests

Project title: 
“Live Streaming”: Transforming Publicly Accessible Space in China

Project outline:
By using living streaming as a handle, the research will probe the Screen Joint Space to find out the architectural character of the space, describe the experiences of its users, and the dynamic of the influences of online streaming created physical accessible public spaces to female users, in Chinese daily public lives.

The discussion of live streams includes three important elements: cyberspace, it’s supporting technology of “going online” and up-to-date ICTs. Compared to physical public space, the public social interaction has already been extensively explored by politics and human geography. The created contemporary public access space has transformed what previously had been understood as private space and co-produced a new type of spatiality connecting the different sites; a new experience of public space in private, changed the behaviour of the private side of the users, influenced the current traditional public spaces and proposed demands of new designed space to respond to the challenges.

The potential benefits from more secure, more accommodating and more easily access open up new opportunities for females to act in public space. The potential benefits from more secure, more accommodating, and more easily access open up new opportunities for females to act in public space. The created publicly accessible space within their private spheres provide the communicating functions with their studying, working, social and entertaining activities. It could compensate for the disadvantages of going to physical public space, which includes the negative social mechanism for women to go out, ingrained gender barriers rooted in Chinese society, the general concerns and lack of security for women to going out.

Primary supervisor: 
Dr Emma Cheatle

Dr Luis Hernan

Date started: 31/10/2018

Research group

Space, cultures and politics

  • 2018 Policy Publication: Systematic study of landscape and typology for Shandong Province China Construction 02/2018
  • 2015 Article Publication: “Participatory Design and Urban Design, a Sustainable Road to Future” International Symposium on Social Sustainable Planning and Design 12/2015 Conference
  • 2015 Article Publication: “A Discussion on the introduction of Basic Skills for Architecture Major-making Research Capability Training as an Example” China Architecture Education 13/2016
  • 2019 Article Publication: “The Layout Study of Rail Transit Complex Based on the City Business Circle: A Case of Shanghai” (Huazhong Architecture) Middle China Architecture, 2019-07-02