Tracy Maiden

Tracy MaidenDegree: MChem Chemistry

"I chose to do my degree with the University of Sheffield's chemistry department for numerous reasons. Firstly upon the open day I felt extremely welcomed, and had a very memorable interview which automatically made me feel instantly at ease about choosing to study at the University. Secondly, Sheffield is a vibrant and unique city, full of places to see and an incredible night life meaning I'd never get bored of something to do.

"Now as I progress into the fourth year of my MChem course, I can look back and see how the weekly small group tutorials really helped me to understand and engage with the course material, and allowed for me to lay a good foundation of knowledge for the remainder of my degree.

"The weekly laboratory sessions are also an invaluable experience, where postgraduate students and dedicated laboratory staff are always available to offer support and lend a helping hand if needed. Overall studying for my degree at Sheffield has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience."