Shannon North

Shannon NorthDegree: MChem Chemistry with Study in Industry

Shannon spent a year working at ink manufacturers Diamond Dispersions. Using her chemistry knowledge, she helped the company solve a complex chemical problem with one of their dyes. She explains more about her placement in a news story on the Diamond Dispersions website.

Diamond Dispersions

She said: "It's great being able to do research and it actually be used in a product someone wants to buy. Its an amazing feeling when you take the theory behind all the quantum mechanical equations we learn, and get to use them in real life.

"I've learnt so much from my study in industry, about working in a team with scientists as well as non-academics, and how research fits into developing businesses. My project this year is based in a company that produce inkjet dispersions, and it's been the most rewarding year I've had yet!"

After her placement, Diamond Dispersions nominated Shannon for a National Undergraduate Employability Award. She was one of five students, out of around 400 nominees, to be shortlisted in the Best Student Contribution to a Small to Medium-Sized Employer category. 

Shannon is now completing in a PhD in polymer chemistry in our department, working with Professor Steve Armes.