SERPS 2014

The SERPS is intended to promote the rapid dissemination of research results prior to publication. Comments are welcomed and should be addressed to the individual author(s). Copyright and all rights therein are retained by the author(s).

Ref Title Author(s)
2014001 Growth in Within Graduate Wage Inequality: The Role of Subjects, Cognitive Skill Dispersion and Occupational Concentration Joanne Lindley, Steven McIntosh
2014002 Finance Sector Wage Growth and the role of Human Capital Joanne Lindley, Steven McIntosh
2014003 Networks and the Dynamics of Firms' Export Portfolio: Evidence for Mexico Juan de Lucio, Raúl Mínguez, Asier Minondo, Francisco Requena
2014004 Gender Role Identity, Breadwinner Status and Psychological Well-being in the Household Heather Brown, Jennifer Roberts
2014005 Valuation of Small and Multiple Health Risks: A Critical Analysis of SP Data Applied to Food and Water Safety Henrik Andersson, Arne Risa Hole, Mikael Svensson
2014006 A New Formulation for Latent Class Models Sarah Brown, William Greene, Mark N. Harris
2014007 Household Repayment Behaviour and Neighbourhood Effects Sarah Brown
2014008 Financial Concerns and Overall Life Satisfaction: A Joint Modelling Approach Daniel Gray
2014009 Out-of-Wedlock Fertility, Post-Pregnancy Choices and Contraceptive Usage
Ana Nuevo-Chiquero
2014010 Everybody Hurts: Banking Crises and Individual Wellbeing Alberto Montagnoli, Mirko Moro
2014011 Personality Characteristics, Educational Attainment and Wages: An Economic Analysis Using the British Cohort Study Pamela Lenton
2014012 Do Personality Traits Affect Productivity? Evidence from the Lab Maria Cubel, Ana Nuevo-Chiquero, Santiago Sanchez-Pages, Marian Vidal-Fernandez
2014013 Sons and Daughters: Parental Beliefs and Child Behaviour (Evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study) Gurleen Popli, Aki Tsuchiya
2014014 The Multidimensional Nature of Social Capital: An Empirical Investigation for Older People in Europe Brenda Gannon, Jennifer Roberts
2014015 Household Finances and Well-Being: An Empirical Analysis of Comparison Effects Sarah Brown, Daniel Gray
2014016 Interlocking Directorships and Patenting Coordination Michele Bernini, Georgios Efthyvoulou, Ian Gregory-Smith, Jolian McHardy, Antonio Navas
2014017 News-Driven Business Cycles in Small Open Economies Güneş Kamber, Konstantinos Theodoridis and Christoph Thoenissen
2014018 Environmental Investments in Mixed vs Private Oligopoly: What are the Implications of Privatization? Maria José Gil-Moltó and Dimitrios Varvarigos
2014019 Do environmental concerns affect commuting choices? Hybrid choice modelling with household survey data Jennifer Roberts, Gurleen Popli, and Rosemary J. Harris
2014020 Exchange rate pass-through and product heterogeneity: does quality matter on the import side? Michele Bernini, Chiara Tomasi
2014021 The use of heuristic optimization algorithms to facilitate maximum simulated likelihood estimation of random parameter logit models Arne Risa Hole, Hong Il Yoo