SERPS 2015

The SERPS is intended to promote the rapid dissemination of research results prior to publication. Comments are welcomed and should be addressed to the individual author(s). Copyright and all rights therein are retained by the author(s).

Ref Title Author(s)
201026 The Impact of 'A - Day' on Executive Pensions and Pay for Performance Damon Morris, Ian Gregory-Smith, Brian GM Main, Alberto Montagnoli and Peter Wright
2015025 Inflation targeting or Exchange Rate Targeting: Which Framework Supports The Goal of Price Stability in Emerging Market Economics? Nora Abu Asab, Juan Carlos Cuestas and Alberto Montagnoli
2015024 Exchange Rate Changes and Stock Returns in China: A Markov Switching SVAR Approach Juan Carlos Cuestas and Bo Tang
2015023 Taylor rules, central bank preferences and inflation targeting Juan Paez-Farrell
2015022 Household location and income: a spatial analysis for British cities David Cuberes and Jennifer Roberts
2015021 Asymmetric Exchange Rate Exposure of Stock Returns: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Industries Juan Carlos Cuestas and Bo Tang
2015020 Intra-household Commuting Choices and Local Labour Markets Jennifer Roberts and Karl Taylor
2015019 Fiscal redistribution around elections when democracy is not “the only game in town” Pantelis Kammas and Vassilis Sarantides
2015018 Competition and financial constraints: a two-sided story Michele Bernini and Alberto Montagnoli
2015017 Charitable Behaviour and the Big Five Personality Traits: Evidence from UK Panel Data Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor
2015016 A Dynamic Analysis of Skill Formation and NEET status Daniel Gladwell, Gurleen Popli and Aki Tsuchiya
2015015 The Effect of Energy Consumption and Human Capital on Economic Growth: An Exploration of Oil Exporting and Developed Countries Fatema Alaali, Jennifer Roberts and Karl Taylor
2015014 Uncovered Interest Parity in Central and Eastern Europe: Sample, Expectations and Structural Breaks Juan Carlos Cuestas, Fabio Filipozzi and Karsten Staehr
2015013 Towards Adopting Inflation Targeting in Emerging Markets: The (A)symmetric Transmission Mechanism in Jordan Noura Abu Asab and Juan Carlos Cuestas
2015012 The Great Leveraging in the GIIPS Countries: Domestic Credit and Net Foreign Liabilities Juan Carlos Cuestas and Karsten Staehr
2015011 Ranking economics journals using data from a national research evaluation exercise Arne Risa Hole
2015010 The impact of Athena SWAN in UK medical schools Ian Gregory-Smith
2015009 The many dimensions of child poverty: Evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study Andrew Dickerson and Gurleen Popli
2015008 A critique of full reserve banking Sheila Dow, Guðrún Johnsen and Alberto Montagnoli
2015007 Patent Purchase as a Policy for Pharmaceuticals Ben van Hout, Jolian McHardy and Aki Tsuchiya
2015006 The Relative Income Hypothesis: A comparison of methods Sarah Brown, Daniel Gray and Jennifer Roberts
2015005 Technology and the dynamics of comparative advantage Antonio Navas
2015004 Real firms, transaction costs and firm development: a suggested formalisation Michael Dietrich, Jackie Krafft and Jo McHardy
2015003 Corporate Tax Convergence in Asian and Pacific Economies Yang Chen, Juan Carlos Cuestas and Paulo José Regis
2015002 The impact of the London bombings on the wellbeing of young Muslims Arne Risa Hole and Anita Ratcliffe
2015001 Do dictatorships redistribute more? Pantelis Kammas and Vassilis Sarantides