SERPS 2017

The SERPS is intended to promote the rapid dissemination of research results prior to publication. Comments are welcomed and should be addressed to the individual author(s). Copyright and all rights therein are retained by the author(s).

Ref Title Author(s)
2017001 A Semiparametric Bayesian Approach to a New Dynamic Zero-Inflated Model Kiranmoy Das, Bhuvanesh Pareek, Sarah Brown, and Pulak Ghosh
2017002 Neighbourhood Effects on Educational Attainment: Does Family Background Influence the Relationship? Emily McDool

Being your own boss: the many faces of self-employment

Pamela Lenton
2017004 Taxpayer’s dilemma: how can ‘fiscal contracts’ work in developing countries? Pamela Lenton, Mike Masiye and Paul Mosley
2017005 Saving Behaviour and Biomarkers: A High-Dimensional Bayesian Analysis of British Panel Data Sarah Brown, Pulak Ghosh, Daniel Gray, Bhuvanesh Pareek and Jennifer Roberts
2017006 Identity conflict: A framework and empirical investigation Jolian McHardy and Anita Ratcliffe
2017007 Financial Literacy and Attitudes to Redistribution Alberto Montagnoli, Mirko Moro, Georgios A. Panos and Robert E. Wright
2017008 The Macroeconomic Effects of Income and Consumption Tax Changes Anh D.M.Nguyen, Luisanna Onnis, Raffaele Rossi
2017009 The Risk-Taking Channel in the US: A GVAR Approach Raslan Alzuabi, Mustafa Caglayan, and Kostas Mouratidis
2017010 Does education improve financial outcomes? Quasi-experimental evidence from Britain

Daniel Gray, Alberto Montagnoli and Mirko Moro

2017011 Financial Hardship and Saving Behaviour: Bayesian Analysis of British Panel Data Sarah Brown, Pulak Ghosh, Bhuvanesh Pareek and Karl Taylor
2017012 Fiscal Consolidation in a Low Inflation Environment: Pay Cuts versus Lost Jobs Guilherme Bandeira, Evi Pappa, Rana Sajedi and Eugenia Vella