SERPS 2018

The SERPS is intended to promote the rapid dissemination of research results prior to publication. Comments are welcomed and should be addressed to the individual author(s). Copyright and all rights therein are retained by the author(s).

Ref Title Author(s)
2018001 Austerity, Life Satisfaction and Expectations Sarah Brown, Alexandros Kontonikas, Alberto Montagnoli, Mirko Moro and Luisanna Onnis
2018002 Working Hours, Work Identity and Subjective Wellbeing Mark L Bryan and Alita Nandi
2018003 Assessing the Cyclical Behaviour of Bank Capital Buffers in a Finance-Augmented Macro-Economy Alberto Montagnoli, Konstantinos Mouratidis and Kemar Whyte
2018004 Finding meaning through work: eudaimonic well-being and job type in the US and UK Andrew Bryce
2018005 How effective is inflation targeting in emerging market economies? Thanaset Chevapatrakul and Juan Paez-Farrell
2018006 Migration and Business Cycle Dynamics Christie Smith and Christoph Thoenissen
2018007 Unhappiness in unemployment – is it the same for everyone? Simonetta Longhi, Alita Nandi, Mark Bryan, Sara Connolly and Cigdem Gedikli
2018008 Class Setting and Children’s Non-Cognitive Outcomes Emily McDool
2018009 Credit Supply Shocks and Household Leverage: Evidence from the US Banking Deregulation Sarah Brown, Daniel Gray and Alberto Montagnoli
2018010 The disutility of commuting? The effect of gender and local labour markets Luke Munford, Nigel Rice, Jennifer Roberts and Nikita Jacob
2018011 Bribery, Hold-Up and Bureaucratic Structure John Bennett and Matthew D. Rablen
2018012 Revisiting the causal effects of exporting on productivity: Does price heterogeneity matter? Tewodros Ayenew Wassie
2018013 Mental Health and Reporting Bias: Analysis of the GHQ - 12 Sarah Brown, Mark N. Harris, Preety Srivastava and Karl Taylor
2018014 Does Congressional experience in US governors influence state transfers? Harry Pickard
2018015 The North-South Divide, the Euro and the World Konstantinos Chisiridis, Kostas Mouratidis and Theodore Panagiotidis
2018016 Aid diversion and the impact of Development Assistance for Health in a decentralized health system Samuel Lordemus
2018017 Generalised self-efficacy and work values as indicators of job satisfaction: evidence from China Pam Lenton and Lu Yin
2018018 Election Outcomes and Individual Well-being: Evidence from British Panel Data Daniel Gray, Harry Pickard and Luke Munford