SERPS 2019

The SERPS is intended to promote the rapid dissemination of research results prior to publication. Comments are welcomed and should be addressed to the individual author(s). Copyright and all rights therein are retained by the author(s).

Ref Title Author(s)
2019001 Household location in English cities David Cuberes, Jennifer Roberts and Cristina Sechel
2019002 Charitable behaviour and political ideology: evidence for the UK Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor
2019003 Parental ethnic identity and child development Stuart Campbell, Ana Neuvo-Chiquero, Gurleen Popli and Anita Ratcliffe
2019004 A mailshot in the dark? The impact of the UK government's leaflet on the 2016 EU referendum Harry Pickard
2019005 Tax evasion on a social network Duccio Gamannossi degl'Innocenti and Matthew D. Rablen
2019006 Voluntary disclosure schemes for offshore tax evasion Matthew Gould and Matthew D. Rablen
2019007 Weekend working in 21st century Britain: does it matter for well-being? Andrew M. Bryce
2019008 Happier than them, but more of them are happy: aggregating subjective well-being Cristina Sechel
2019009 Fiscal austerity and migration: a missing link Guilherme Bandeira, Jordi Caballe, Eugenia Vella
2019010 Democratisation and tax structure in the presence of home production: evidence from the Kingdom of Greece Pantelis Kammas, Vassilis Sarantides
2019011 Life satisfaction and austerity: expectations and the macroeconomy Sarah Brown, Alexandros Kontonikas, Alberto Montagnoli, Mirko Moro, Luisanna Onnis
2019012 The social mobility of home ownership: to what extent have the millennials fared worse? Joanne Lindley and Steven McIntosh
2019013 Understanding access barriers to public services: lessons from a randomized domestic violence intervention Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner, Jesse Matheson, Reka Plugor
2019014 Selection and performance in post-compulsory education Uzma Ahmad, Steven McIntosh, Gurleen Popli
2019015 Changing the subject: a further examination of the returns to postgraduate education Pamela Lenton
2019016 Secondary school enrolment and teenage childbearing: evidence from Brazilian municipalities Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner and Jesse Matheson
2019017 Intergenerational Income Mobility in the UK:New evidence using the BHPS and Understanding Society Bertha Rohenkohl
2019018 Wages and labor productivity. Evidence from injuries in the National Football League Ian Gregory-Smith
2019019 Identity conflict: A framework and empirical investigation Jolian McHardy and Anita Ratcliffe