Dana SegevDana Dagev

Email: dsegev1@sheffield.ac.uk

Research Title: ‘Societies and Desistance: Exploring the Dynamics of Desistance in England and Israel’

Supervisors: Professor Stephen Farrall and Dr. Gwen Robinson


BA Arts, Monash University, Australia, MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice (Research Methods), University of Oxford

Scope of Research

My research interests are mainly concerned with comparative desistance processes and understanding how structural mechanisms impact individuals as they desist from crime. The spatial dynamics of desistance has received little academic attention and this PhD study takes a step towards filling that gap. The study explores the desistance narratives amongst ex-offenders in England and Israel and compares the social mechanisms (in each country), which possibly structure the pathways out of crime. The overall aim of this study is to draw conclusions on how different cultural, social, political, economic and criminal justice factors interact with agency as individuals desist.

Research Areas

Desistance; Culture; Comparative research; Reintegration; Agency; Social-structural mechanisms; Probation; Criminal justice system

Research Centre

Centre for Criminological Research

Teaching Responsibilities

LAW317 - Rehabilitation of Offenders (Autumn), LAW332 - Criminology Research Project (Spring)


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The Howard League for Penal Reform Runner-up: prize for the best PhD paper 2016.