'THE INTERNATIONAL LEGAL PROFESSION', in The Oxford Handbook on International Law and the Americas

Luiza Pereira

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The project, organised by Liliana Obregón, Laura Betancur-Restrepo, Juan M. Amaya-Castro (eds.) and Daniel R. Quiroga-Villamarin (assistant ed.), is part of the Oxford Handbook series, and seeks to map out 'how the States and peoples of the Americas, more broadly defined, have contributed to, challenged and/or implemented international law' (letter of invitation, on file with the author). My particular contribution will focus on the International Legal Profession in the Americas, drawing from my Doctoral dissertation, previous publications, and current research on knowledge production and international law with an emphasis on Latin America.


Writers’ workshop (mid-August 2021), University of los Andes, Bogotá, Colombi

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