3rd Year Archaeology Student Presents Research at Conference

3rd Year Archaeology Student Nick Groat Presents at CIfA and the International Student Archaeological Conference

Nick Groat, a 3rd Year Archaeology student studying towards a BSc with employment experience, will present his final year dissertation at two conferences. His dissertation critically investigates the role of experimental archaeology in reconstructing past brewing practices; questioning whether "tasting the past" really is so straightforward while borrowing from developments in Material Culture research to demonstrate that beers are complex composite substances that cannot be understood from a single perspective.

Nick presented a paper at the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists conference which took place 20-22 April 2016 at the University of Leicester. His paper, ‘Trouble Brewing: A critical evaluation of experimental reconstructions of beers and other alcoholic beverage’, was part of a session designed to establish a wider manifesto for the archaeology of brewing.

The CIfA is the leading professional body representing archaeologists working in the UK and overseas; its annual conference provides an important opportunity for paper sessions, training and networking opportunities.

Nick will also present his dissertation research at the international Student Archaeological Conference held annually at Vardzia, Georgia, 20-25 May 2016. This conference is organised by the Institute of Archaeology of the Georgian Academy of Science and is designed to give Georgian and international students of archaeology the opportunity to present and discuss their research. Vardzia is a cave monastery site in southern Georgia that was primarily constructed in the 12th century AD.

Nick’s participation in the Vardzia conference is funded by a Petrie Watson Exhibition, a fund designated by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities to support student projects which enhance or complement a student’s current programme of study.

Photograph of Vardzia Caves