New PhD Opportunity at Sheffield Archaeology: Collaborative Doctoral Award in Livestock and Landscape

Applications are invited from prospective PhD students who are interested in doing a PhD in relation to the theme of 'livestock and landscape: changing husbandry, livestock improvement and landscape enclosure in late and post-medieval England'. The project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and will be co-supervised by Umberto Albarella (University of Sheffield) and Andrew Lowerre/Polydora Baker (Historic England).

Livestock improvement in England has been documented archaeologically since the 13th century AD and continues through to today. The dynamics behind livestock improvement are, however, still only partially understood. Historians have suggested that the enclosure of open fields was part of a set of changes associated with the Agricultural Revolution, and that increase in animal size was part of this general phenomenon. This project aims to test this hypothesis archaeologically by comparing evidence of change in livestock management with data for the timing and nature of field enclosure. The PhD research will adopt various zooarchaeological methods as well as examine historical records and take a landscape archaeology approach.

Livestock and Landscape

The award includes full fees (at UK/EU level) and a maintenance scholarship (£14,106 per annum) for a three year duration. There will also be allowances for research expenses, including computer materials, and coverage of project-specific travel and subsistence (£2000 per annum provided by Historic England).

The successful applicant will join a thriving community of postgraduate students in the Department of Archaeology of the University of Sheffield and will also have the opportunity to spend periods of training and research at Historic England.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 9th June 2015. Download full details and application instructions here.