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Scarlett Pickford (BA Criminology student)
Scarlett Pickford
Undergraduate student
BA Criminology
Scarlett Pickford, BA Criminology student, made the most of the opportunities available to her including undertaking Criminology work experience and becoming President of the Criminology Society.
Scarlett Pickford (BA Criminology student)
Scarlett Pickford (BA Criminology student)

When I first applied for the course, one of the things I liked is the opportunity to nurture my own interests. At the time, I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to specialise in. However, the variety of modules and options available to me allowed me to tailor my undergraduate studies towards my interests, exploring all these areas and potential career opportunities. For those who are still on the discovery path of what they want to do, this degree and the school provides a lot of space to discover what you enjoy. Regardless of whether you have a clear path or not, the university will inspire and support you along the way. I have also found the School of Law’s jobs and volunteering fairs really useful and helped me to get involved with one of their partner charities and gain practical experience in a criminological role, a task considerably challenging considering the nature of professions in this field. The opportunities are endless, and I'm grateful for the eye-opening experiences that Sheffield has provided me with.

You really can specialise in anything and there will always be a lecturer at the School of Law that is an expert in what you're passionate about. You might not realise what it is yet, but there is always someone that can help and guide you to follow your own path.

Scarlett Pickford

BA Criminology student

What I love about Sheffield is that it has a big social culture, but there are also opportunities to get away from the city and explore the nearby Peak District, it offers the best of both worlds. There is a real sense of community and opportunity for personal growth within the school, wider university and student union through clubs and other opportunities around campus. The confidence I've gained from these has helped me exceed my own expectations and boundaries. 

Joining societies, such a Crim Soc, is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, develop skills, and gain valuable experience in the field of criminology. I am currently the president of Crim Soc, which I originally joined as a first-year representative. Being a part of the committee has increased my confidence, particularly with public speaking, and provided me with other valuable employable skills, such as time-management and leadership. The society has also provided me with access to valuable connections to internships and academic events, where I could learn about practical and academic applications of criminology with the support of my peers.

Another aspect of the course that stands out for me is that the teaching staff are both leading researchers in their fields and great mentors meaning I feel comfortable asking them for guidance when I need it. This and the university's emphasis on real-world course application has also allowed me to gain research skills which will be helpful whichever profession I choose. Additionally, the diversity of assessment formats has kept my studies interesting and motivating. As someone who doesn't enjoy exams, I appreciate the opportunity to excel in other varied assessments, including coursework and group projects.

Throughout my time at university, I have become more and more interested in continuing my education. I have been looking into different masters programs, such as the masters in policing leadership or criminal investigations, as a way to expand my knowledge and skills in the field of criminology. I am still in the process of discovering my niche within the field of criminology, but the opportunities I have had so far have been incredibly valuable. I recently discovered a program called Police Now, which offers a fast-track route into becoming a detective in the police force, gaining operational experience while receiving a diploma.

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